norCTrack Yamaha PSR-3000 KONTAKT

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norCTrack Yamaha PSR-3000 KONTAKT
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norCTrack Yamaha PSR-3000 KONTAKT

norCTrack Yamaha PSR-3000 KONTAKT

P2P | 29 March 2015 | 7.51 GB

Yamaha PSR 3000 - NKI is a library of sounds of the most powerful workstation Yamaha PSR 3000. Here the best are included all presets from hardware model. Yamaha PSR 3000 it is one their most popular workstations. The given library allows to have sounds of this instrument at you on a computer.

Voice List of Yamaha Psr 3000 NKI

01. Piano: GrandPianoLive, BrightPiano Regular, Harpsichord Regular,GrandHarpsi Regular, HonkyTonk Regular, WarmGrand Live, MidiGrand Regular ,Oct.Piano1 Regular, Oct.PianoRegular, CP80 Regular.

02. E.Piano: GalaxyEP Cool, SuitcaseEP Cool, PolarisEP Regular , JazzChorus Regular, HyperTines Regular, E.PianoCool, PhaseEP Regular, NewTines Regular, FunkEP Regular, DX Modern Regular , VintageEP Regular, VenusEP Regular, ModernEP Regular, TremoloEP Regular, SuperDX Regular, StageEP Regular, Clavi Regular, WahClavi Regular.

03. Strings: Strings Live, AllegroLive, Orchestra Live, Symphon.Str Regular, Violin Sweet, Orch.Horns Regular, Orch.Flute Regular, Orch.Oboe Regular, Tutti Regular, Strings Regular, OrchStrings Regular, Str.Quartet Regular, ConcertoStr Regular, AnalogStrs Regular, ChamberStrs Regular, BowStrings Regular, SlowStrings Regular, TremoloStrs Regular, MarcatoStrs Regular, SynStrings1 Regular, SynStrings Regular, PizzStrings Regular, Viola Regular, Cello Regular, Contrabass Regular, Harp Regular, Hackbrett Regular, Fiddle Regular,
Banjo Regular, Sitar Regular, Koto Regular, Shamisen Regular, SoloViolin Regular, Orch.Hit Regular.

04. Guitar&Bass: NylonGuitar Live, JazzGuitar Cool, Elec.Gtr Cool, SteelGuitar Live, DynoSteel1 Live, Mandolin Sweet, FunkGuitar Cool, Stratsphere Cool, VintageLead Cool, PowerLead Cool, BluesGuitar Cool, RockGuitar Regular, VintageStrum Regular, 12StrGuitar Live, DynoSteel2 Live, CleanGuitar Cool, VodooLead Regular, PowerChord Regular, CampfireGtr Regular, SolidGuitar Regular, VintageAmp Regular, AlohaGtr Regular, CrunchGtr Regular, SmoothLead Regular, 60'sClean Regular, ClassicGtr Live, VintageOpen Regular, FolkGuitar Regular, SolidChord Regular, VintageMute Regular, PedalSteel Regular, LeadGuitar Regular, ChorusGtr Regular, VintageTrem Regular, OctaveGtr Regular, DeepChorus Regular, TremoloGtr Regular, HeavyStack Regular, BrightClean Regular, WahGuitar Regular, Distortion Regular, Elec.12Str Regular, FeedbackGtr Regular, 18String Regular, MutedGuitar Regular, FunkGuitar Regular, Overdrive Regular, SteelGuitar MegaVoice, HiStringGtrMegaVoice, 12StrGuitar MegaVoice, CleanGuitar MegaVoice, Overdrive MegaVoice, Distortion MegaVoice, FingerBass Cool, Aco.Bass Regular, DynoPickBass Cool, Fretless Cool, SlapBass Regular, SubBass Regular, HardBassRegular, ResoBass Regular,
RockBass Regular, SuperFretlesRegular, PickBass Regular, FusionBass Regular, Bass&Cymbal Regular, AnalogBass Regular, DrySynBass Regular, 80'sSynBass Regular, HiQBass Regular, FunkBass Regular, MellowFinger Regular, ClickBass Regular, Aco.Bass MegaVoice, FingerBass MegaVoice, PickBass MegaVoice, Fretless MegaVoice.

05. Saxophone: TenorSax Sweet, AltoSax Sweet, SopranoSax Sweet, GrowlSax Regular, BaritoneSax Regular, SaxSection Live, SopranoSax Regular, TenorSax Regular, AltoSax Regular, SaxSection Soft Live, SaxSection Hard.

06. Flute&Woodwind: Flute Sweet, ClarinetSweet, PanFlute Sweet, Oboe Sweet, EnglishHorn Regular, Bassoon Regular, Class.Flute Regular, Piccolo Regular, EthnicFlute Regular, WoodwindEns Regular, Shakuhachi Regular, Clarinet Regular, Flute Regular, PanFlute Regular, Oboe Regular, Whistle Regular, Recorder Regular, Ocarina Regular, Bagpipe Regular.

07. Organs: OrganCool, JazzOrgan Cool, RotorOrgan Cool, FullRocker Cool, StadiumOrg Regular, RotaryDrive Regular, RockOrgan1 Regular, DanceOrgan Regular, GospelOrg Regular, JazzOrgan1Regular, PurpleOrg Regular, Elec.Organ Regular, DrawbarOrg Regular, JazzOrgan2Regular, RockOrganRegular, ClickOrgan Regular, MellowDraw Regular, BrightDraw Regular, 60'sOrgan Regular, JazzOrgan3Regular, Tibia 16+4 Regular, Tibia Full Regular, ChapelOrgn1Regular, ChapelOrgn2Regular, ChapelOrgn3 Regular, PipeOrgan Regular, ReedOrgan Regular.

08. Trumpet: Trumpet Sweet, Trombone Sweet, MutedTrump Sweet, FlugelHorn Sweet, JazzTrumpet Regular, SoloTrumpet Regular, Trombone Regular, SoloTromb Regular, SoftTromb Regular, MellowTromb Regular, MutedTrump Regular, BaritonHorn Regular, BaritonHit Regular, AlpBass Regular, FlugelHorn Regular, Tuba Regular.

09. Brass: HyperBrass Live, PopBrass Live, OctaveBrass Live, FrenchHorns Live, BrassCombo Regular, BrassSection Regular, NaturalBrass Regular, Sforzando Regular, BigBrass Regular, BallroomBrs Regular, BrightBrass Regular, MellowBrass Regular, 80'sBrass Regular, SoftBrass Regular, FullHorns Regular, SmoothTromb Regular, HighBrass Regular, OberBrass Regular, TrumpetEns Regular, MellowHorns Regular, BigBandBrs Regular, PopBrass Regular, AnalogBrs Regular, Trb.Section Regular, SmallBrass Regular, SoftAnalog Regular, FunkyAnalog Regular, TechnoBrass Regular, SynthBrass Regular.

10. Accodion&Harmonica: Musette Regular, TuttiAccrd Regular, SmallAccrd Regular, Accordion Regular, TangoAccrd Regular, Steirisch Regular, Bandoneon Regular, SoftAccrd Regular, Harmonica Sweet, ModernHarp Regular, BluesHarp.

11. Choir&Pad: Gospel Live, HahChoir Regular, SweetHeaven Regular, DreamHeaven Regular, GothicVox Regular, Choir Regular, AirChoir Regular, VoxHumana Regular, Voices Regular, Insomnia Regular, Skydiver Regular, NeoWarmPad Regular, CyberPad Regular, Wave2001 Regular, FarEast Regular, Atmosphere Regular, XenonPad, Equinox Regular, GlassPad Regular, Fantasia Regular, DX Pad Regular, Symbiont Regular, Stargate Regular, Area51 Regular, DarkMoon Regular, Ionosphere Regular, GoldenAge Regular, Solaris Regular, TimeTravel Regular, Millennium Regular, Dunes.

12. Synth&FX: Oxygen Regular, Matrix Regular, WireLead Regular, HipLead Regular, HopLead Regular, FireWire Regular, Analogon Regular, Blaster Regular, SFXKit1, SFX Kit
SFXKit2 , SFX Kit, Skyline Regular, SquareLead Regular, Saw.Lead Regular, TinyLead Regular, FunkyLead Regular, Paraglide Regular, Fargo Regular, Portatone Regular, BigLead Regular, Warp Regular, Adrenaline Regular, Stardust Regular, AeroLead Regular, MiniLead Regular, Impact Regular, SunBell Regular, UnderHeim Regular, HiBias Regular, Vinylead.

13. Perc&Drums: Vibraphone Regular, JazzVibes Regular, Marimba Regular, Xylophone Regular, SteelDrums Regular, Celesta Regular, Glocken Regular, MusicBox Regular, TubularBell Regular, Kalimba Regular, Dulcimer Regular, Timpani Regular, StandardKit1 Drums, StandardKit2 Drums, JazzKit Drums, BrushKit Drums, HitKit Drums, RoomKit Drums, RockKit Drums, ElectroKit Drums, AnalogKit Drums, DanceKit Drums, SymphonyKit Drums, CubanKit SFX Kit, PopLatinKit SFX Kit, ArabicKit SFX Kit, StudioKit Drums.

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