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Audio Mastering Secrets
Eksit Sounds Killer Reeses Vol.1 WAV
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Eksit Sounds Killer Reeses Vol.1 WAV
P2P | 26 May 2023 | 66.9 MB Writing a huge bass ripper of a tune and looking for some huge Reeses? This pack…

Slipperyhaze Abduction Drumkit WAV
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Slipperyhaze Abduction Drumkit WAV
FANTASTiC | 06 May 2023 | 20 MB Slipperyhaze "Abduction" Drumkit Supertrap Kit

Producer Grind The Insomnia Synth Presets
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Producer Grind The Insomnia Synth Presets
P2P | 26 March 2023 | 1 MB Includes 30 custom and unique presets for Omnisphere 2. This pack has a very dark…

Phoenix Studios Make Them Suffer Erase Me TUTORiAL
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Phoenix Studios Make Them Suffer Erase Me TUTORiAL


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Audio Mastering Secrets

Audio Mastering Secrets

English | 2021 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B09B6YV6YK | 194 pages | EPUB PDF MOBI | 8 MB

If you're into audio engineering, this is a great music production book to add to your home recording studio collection. Packed with step-by-step proven methods.

Audio Mastering Secrets is the first audio mastering books that focuses entirely on how to master audio to radio quality standards, all from the comfort of your home recording studio. No expensive gear required to get amazing results!

Written by John Rogers of JR Mastering, this guide outlines (step-by-step) the techniques John has used to professionally master songs for over 8,000 clients, since 1999 (that’s 6-8 per week).

Whether you need to know how master songs in fl studio, pro tools, audacity, garageband, cubase, logic or abeleton the information provided applies to all of these programs.

Audio Mastering Secrets notes:

This Book Is A 7 x 9 Learning Guide (192 pages)
It focuses on how to master audio, how to become a great audio mastering engineer, and how not to be a bad one.

I do not get into the specific brands of gear you should buy, the history of sound engineering, or 1,000's of compressor settings (of which maybe 40 you'll ever use). In this book I focus on mastering audio!

Common Mastering Problems And Their Solutions
In audio mastering, you will face common problems like a mix being too thin, tinny, distorted, over-saturated, muddy, or not bright enough. Sometimes you can't get the song loud enough, boomy enough, no separation, too much bass, no sparkle, and many other problems. I explain in detail which effects processors to use and their exact settings to solve these common problems. This is a great tool to refer back to when needed.

My Step-By-Step Audio Mastering Session
You will learn the 18 steps I take in the audio mastering process. From importing your file, down to loudness maximization and finally exporting a perfectly mastered song!

This Entire Book Is Based On Real-World Experiences
Not on theory, what I learned in school, or what I heard from some other engineer. I teach from real world experiences with satisfied clients.

Mastering Different Genres
Here s where I break down the sonic qualities of sixteen different genres. How much brightness, bass, boominess, compression, etc., you re trying to achieve for each genre. And several tips on what clients are looking for.

My Audio Mastering Laws
In this section, I cover a series of dos, do nots, and facts that basically apply to all audio mastering jobs regardless of genre. I also cover several pitfalls you will experience (just like I did) as an audio mastering engineer, and how to get through them.

Setting Up You're Listening Environment
In this section I cover calibrating your speakers, learning your speakers, speaker placement and room size. And, the myth about soundproofing your room.

The Effects Processors Used In Audio Mastering
The basics of what they all do, how to use them, when to use them, and my initial settings templates.

This Book Is A Very Easy Read
I left out all the high-tech jargon and rarely used words that slow down sentence flow.

And Much More!

In a matters of weeks, you can learn all of the audio mastering secrets, tips, and techniques that took me over 19 years to learn!

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