Vir2 Instruments Vital Series Mallets KONTAKT

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Vir2 Instruments Vital Series Mallets KONTAKT
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Vir2 Instruments Vital Series Mallets KONTAKT

Vir2 Instruments Vital Series Mallets KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 09 March 2017 | 2.23 GB

Mallets' powerful GUI offers all eight instruments on one patch to be edited, played, blended, and recorded together. No sub menus or separate patches. Mallets has all the controls you need at your fingertips!


The highest attention to detail was given in the recording of Mallets, offering dry, stereo samples with up to 4 velocity layers and 5 round robins per instrument.


Each instrument was recorded using various mallet types. This gives composers and producers complete control and customization over their own sound.


Each instrument is given its own controls with Mallet Type, Volume, Pan, Stereo Width, Octave Remapping, ADSR, and Extended Range. When engaged, Extended Range remaps the playable range of the instrument by stretching the lowest and highest mapped samples from C0 to C7. Additionally, Octave remapping gives users the ability to adjust the position of each instrument on the keyboard up and down by two octaves.


Utilize the lower portion of the GUI to quickly apply your own LFO and global LowPass filter. Choose between four separate wave forms and four different LFO types.


The Rolls creator allows you to generate and customize your own mallet rolls. Triggering one note will simulate two hands striking that single note, while triggering two notes will simulate the back and forth striking with two hands on the respective notes. Further craft your sound with the seven built-in effects including Tune, Equalizer, Distortion, Delay, Reverb, Transient Master, and Compressor.


The Vital Series aims to bring producers, songwriters, and composers easy to use and highly detailed instruments that are necessary for any music production. Every entry in the Vital Series focuses on delivering unique libraries with an immense value at an affordable price.


Vital Series: Mallets has been designed for seamless integration with the KOMPLETE KONTROL S-Series and Maschine, offering you a unique hands-on experience. Manipulate Mallets' interface using the controls of all NKS compatible hardware.


Product Features:

8 instruments including Marimba, Xylophone, Glockenspiel, Tubular Bells, Glass Marimba, Song Bells, Vibraphone, and Crotales
6 different mallet types including Soft, Medium Soft, Medium Hard, Hard, Rods, Bow
Dry, stereo samples with up to 4 velocity layers and 5 round robins
146 total presets: 24 natural, 22 natural rolls, 60 layered organic, and 40 layered processed
All instruments in one patch for easy and creative layering
Full Komplete Kontrol & Maschine integration
Over 4GB of uncompressed content

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