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Computer Music August 2019
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Computer Music August 2019
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Team VON.G | 26 April 2013 | 144 MB

Tronsonic has announced a new set of DCO oscillators for Tronto, the vintage polysynth sound library for Native Instruments Kontakt.
The word ‘precision’ is used for two reasons – firstly the digitally controlled oscillators of the original analogue synth maintain a very accurate tuning, and secondly because no tape was used in the recordings of these waveforms, which in turn keeps them very true and precise to the originals (allowing a less characterful and more ‘scientific’ synthesis to take place within Kontakt).

This makes DCO the perfect companion for Tronto, as they contrast each other perfectly.
In exchange for not using tape, the tape saturation plugin within Kontakt 5 is enabled, along with the regular saturation effect AND Tronsonic’s own tape and valve impulse response within the convolution reverb. This is all simultaneously activated with the ‘saturation’ button on the interface, and really makes a difference.

DCO for Tronto features

7 phase aligned waveforms from a legendary 1980s Japanese DCO analogue synth.
Recorded using vintage valve pre-amps without tape, for waveform precision.
A choice of 30 filters.
6 LFOs, two per section (oscillator, filter, amplifier).
2 global LFOs and an AHD envelope modulating each of the 6 LFOs.
36 variations of spring reverb.
Over 100 Presets (many with a ‘modular’ style sound).
Link synths with ‘Tronto’ in multi-mode for dual oscillators and control.
Unique tape ‘saturation’ button with custom tape/tube impulse response.
With tuned self-oscillation and extra fat sawtooth/square bass samples.

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