Particle Sound DW8 I KONTAKT

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Particle Sound DW8 I KONTAKT
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Particle Sound DW8 I KONTAKT

Particle Sound DW8 I KONTAKT

FANTASTiC | 18 May 2016 | 1.09 GB

DW8 I, the third release in the Carbon series of Kontakt 5 formatted vintage synthesizer instruments features 1.7GB of 24-bit samples from the Korg DW8000 organized into 32 NKI based presets. Great care was taken during the sampling and production processes to capture the unique qualities of this underrated hybrid synth.

Released in 1985, the DW8000 uses digital sound generation followed by a true analog filter which produces a wonderfully glassy and sometimes Lo-Fi sound that is not quite like any other. Included here are long filter sweeps, rich pads, strings, leads and bell sounds, all of which the DW8000 excels at. Also present is a very nice marimba patch that has a separately controllable spring reverb layer which was recorded key-by-key from a vintage AKG unit the size of a small refrigerator.

The only down side to the DW8000 was it's single data entry slider which made programing cumbersome. In contrast, DW8 I utilizes Particle Sound's Carbon interface which allows direct and intuitive control of sound parameters by way of 100+ sliders, knobs and switches.

The Carbon interface is based on a dual layer design with individually linkable sections and a dedicated Global/FX page. Each layer offers a choice between 6 different multi-samples with sample start point modulation, a mixable noise source and a multimode filter. A complement of 2 full envelopes, 1 attack/release envelope and 2 LFO's are also available and can be assigned to a variety of internal parameters. Each layer also includes it's own controller section where 2 assignable parameters can be controlled in varying amounts by a single knob for easy mod-wheel or aftertouch assignments. A global FX section rounds out the interface with access to up to 6 simultaneous effects for the final polish.


1.7GB (uncompressed) of 24-bit samples from the DW8000.
32 tagged NKI based presets featuring glassy pads, rich strings and percussive sounds.
Intuitive Dual layer interface with individually linkable sections.
Each layer offers mixable noise and start point modulation with 6 different multi-samples to choose from.
1 AHDSR, 1 ADSR, 1 AR and 2 LFOs.
Selectable Lp, Hp, or Notch filters and an assignable controller section.
Global sample shift and scaling accuracy sliders.
Global FX section with up to 6 simultaneous effects.


Full retail version of Kontakt or later.
1.7GB of free hard drive space

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