Musical Sampling Adventure Strings KONTAKT

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Musical Sampling Adventure Strings KONTAKT
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Musical Sampling Adventure Strings KONTAKT

Musical Sampling Adventure Strings KONTAKT

P2P | 13 April 2019 | 2.71 GB

Adventure Strings is the follow-up to our debut offering, Soaring Strings. Performed by the same number of players, recorded in the same room, seated in their traditional positions -- both share the same performance aesthetic. Strong, passionate and relentlessly energetic.
So why another string library with the same, familiar collection of short articulations? Well, it's how we produced them that makes it interesting.

Shorts are normally recorded in isolation -- perhaps one or two notes per bar during the recording process. This makes the editing process a snap and the end result is often satisfactory. The sane choice.

With Adventure Strings, we recorded repetition phrases; a quick succession of notes at a procured tempo. We then edited and programmed each note of that phrase to be playable, which resulted in a fetal position-incurring post-production process.

The end result is a collection of patches that now suit the context they were designed for because, well, they were recorded that way!

In addition to the shorts (spiccatos/staccatos/pizzicatos/marcatos), we've included trills, tremolos, sustains, keyboard-spanning Full Strings instruments and of course, our Adventure patches.

Happy composing!


Companion library to Soaring Strings.
Short articulations all sourced from performance phrases.
Medium-sized ensembles: Violins, Violas, Cellos, Basses.
Morph Stacking programming allows any note length to sound natural.
Sections recorded in traditional seating arrangement.
Molto expressivo vibrato across the upper dynamic range.
Includes true FFF sampling.
To Silence feature.
Adjustable Humanization feature.
Switchable Crossfade/Velocity control for short articulations.
33 separate patches.
Includes Full Strings instruments.
Recorded on a scoring stage.
Recorded in 48 khz / 24-bit.

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