Sound Dust Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ KONTAKT

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Sound Dust Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ KONTAKT
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28-12-2018, 08:30

Sound Dust Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ KONTAKT

Sound Dust Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ KONTAKT

P2P | 28 December 2018 | 139 MB

The Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³ remains beautifully faithful to its rare origins, a spinet harpsichord made by influential instrument maker and musician, Arnold Dolmetsch (1849-1940).

But, as always with a Sound Dust instrument, the TBH³ offers much more than impressively realised acoustics and editing - it offers two completely unique and incredibly versatile ‘must have’ instruments for the modern player, sound designer or composer.

Source samples were painstakingly recorded using OKM Binaural microphones, enabling the capture of omnidirectional stereo sound as experienced by the ear. The result is transparency and authenticity by the bucket load. The TBH³ delivers the resonant joy of a small period harpsichord, its ancient soundboard alive to the ring and thrum of quill plucked brass strings and the soft organic clunk of a worn wooden mechanism.

In Sound Dust style, the TBH³ is much more than a beautifully realised harpsichord. The smart main control panel is intuitively executed, with the three layers of sampled sound grouped with all primary edit tools and effects in the view pane.

Although the TBH³ has evolved from its predecessor, the TBH², there are some significant differences to hand. A spanking new edit suite and effects bank each come with an expanded set of features and editing controls for superior detailed manipulation of sound. Tweaking almost any of the controls will result in the transformation of familiar harpsichord characteristics, delivering subtle new textures or completely altered states. Experimentation rewards with never before heard wonders. Altering volume envelope, attack shape and heaping on the sustain can result in something that sounds like a treated harpsichord played with an E-Bow. Drop an octave or two, add a little something from the Sound Dust wildcards of dirt and rotor and discover the fizzing twang of short metal wires stretched over a jar. The TBH³ encourages and rewards with each edit.

The science bit...
Arnold Dolmetsch Harpsichord - plucked, damped, release and prepared articultions recorded binaurally with OKM in ear mics

2 x instruments types:
Tiny Binaural Harpsichord³
3 articulations with selectable release sound
Sample start control per articulation
Stereo width and pan control per articulation
ADSR volume envelope control per articulation
Parametric notch/bump EQ per articulation
Transient designer per articulation
24 custom convolution reverbs per articulation
4 controllable insert effects - dirt, eq, rotor, phaser and master algorithmic reverb
2 controllable send effects - delay and algorithmic reverb
Keyboard Velocity modelling page
25 instrument snapshots
Handy build in instructions in RTFM page

Tiny Binaural Prepared Harpsichord³
215 prepared harpsichord sounds
12 triggered 12 track sequencers
8 FX sequencing lanes per sequence track - reverb level, volume, filter cutt off, hold, sample start, pan, transient modeller and tuning
Remix control with 32 algorithms
Sound and timing randomisation controls
5 octaves of one shot kits
13 per note articulations - inc flam, drag, roll, geiger, 16th repeat, 8th repeat, triplet
2 custom convolution reverb engines with 24 custom impulse responses
Chaos and Order controls for instant randomisation and reset
Filter, tuning and reverb send amount controls
Handy build in instructions in RTFM page

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