Hideaway Studio Zero-1 Synthesizer KONTAKT

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Hideaway Studio Zero-1 Synthesizer KONTAKT
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Hideaway Studio Zero-1 Synthesizer KONTAKT

Hideaway Studio Zero-1 Synthesizer KONTAKT

Team KRock | 10 October 2013 | 55 MB

Zero-1 is in essence a single oscillator virtual analog synthesizer (VA) loosely based on the CS01 monosynth which was released in 1982 as an affordable entry into the world of analog synthesis… but with a twist! Rather than simply sample the basic DCO oscillators from the original instrument I thought it might be more interesting to first pass them through a tube overdrive and Watkins Copicat tape delay.

Mangling the raw oscillators in this manner injected a significant amount of character and movement to the original waveforms – even the splice in the tape loop adds something! Five oscillators were multi-sampled in 24-bits in this manner: triangle, sawtooth, 50% square, 25% square and PWM.

One unique feature of the Zero-1 is the ability to switch between a Mk I and Mk II CS01 filter emulation. This selects either a 12dB/oct or 24dB/oct filter and changes the livery of the control panel to match the original variants – a flash of genius by Stephen Howell at Hollow Sun!

Sounds beautiful. If you keep makin’ them, I’ll keep buyin’ them.” bharris22, KVR Forum

“Quite pleased inventive and creative work still happens like this. Also pleased it happens to come at this price!” thisplace, KVR Forum

What you get in the download…

The Zero-1 Synth for Kontakt
50 24-bit tube & tape waveshaped oscillator samples
40 editable example instrument patches with ability to save
10 example layered multi patches
User Guide

System Requirements

The Zero-1 Synth requires Kontakt version 4.2.4 or higher
Around 60Mb Free Hard Disk Space

home page:


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