Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players Halion WiN

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Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players Halion WiN
Riemann Kollektion Riemann Deep Techno 2 WAV
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Riemann Kollektion Riemann Deep Techno 2 WAV
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Big Room Sound Dumpster Door WAV
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Big Room Sound Dumpster Door WAV
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Deeperfect Records Deeperfect's Tech Vocal Vol.07 WAV
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Deeperfect Records Deeperfect's Tech Vocal Vol.07 WAV
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MVPPlatinum Drop When Ready Club Sound FX WAV
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MVPPlatinum Drop When Ready Club Sound FX WAV
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2-07-2018, 15:11

Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players Halion WiN

Steinberg Iconica Sections and Players Halion WiN

P2P | 02 July 2018 | 145.14 GB

Iconica Sections & Players brings exceptional modern orchestral expression to every composer. Featuring over 150 GB of strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and harp samples, with a huge variety of expressions and articulations, the advanced, user-friendly interface makes it very intuitive to use, speeding and inspiring new composition. Recorded in the legendary Funkhaus Berlin with partner Orchestral Tools, it is the ideal composition tool for movie scores, classical music, pop, rock, jazz or hip hop.

Passionate strings
Orchestral strings do much to convey emotion and drama. The violins (I and II), violas, celli and basses in Iconica Sections & Players make sure your audience really feels those passions!

Superb Woodwinds
Superb woodwinds From piccolo flute through to contra bassoon, woodwinds are the most diverse group of instruments in the orchestra. Perfect for many genres of music, Iconica Sections & Players includes flutes, oboes, clarinets, and bassoons, along with additional instruments.

Brass brilliance
Whether it is the majesty of a trumpet fanfare, a complex jazz solo or the many musical sides of a brass band, Iconica’s trumpets, trombones, French horns, tuba, and euphonium make playing brass parts a pleasure.

Intimately detailed recordings from a legendary Berlin studio

Iconica Sections & Players is the only orchestral library recorded entirely at the legendary Funkhaus Berlin, renowned for its recordings of movie soundtracks, TV series, and major classical works. Produced in collaboration with specialist company Orchestral Tools, the samples were recorded by 76 musicians - including 50 players just for the strings - in Studio 2, a 400m2 room with a pleasing reverb time of around 1.5 seconds. Recorded over the course of a month, the acoustic separation of Funkhaus Berlin’s studios guarantees crystal-clear samples which capture the sounds of the orchestra in perfect, intimate detail.

Vast percussion section
Broadly speaking, there are four major areas of orchestral percussion: Timpani, Melodic Percussion, Drums, and Metals. All are represented in a vast percussion section, with many different instruments to choose from.

Ethereal harp
The ethereal sound of the concert harp adds a touch of sonic beauty to any composition. It includes a variety of major, minor and pentatonic glissandi, pres de la table and harmonics.

Cutting-edge composition

Iconica’s high-end sound and VST 3 standard keep compositions at the cutting edge. VST 3’s unique Note Expression and Expression Maps open up brand-new areas of potential, allowing users to create unique textures and aleatoric effects which are almost impossible with other libraries.

Created with Orchestral Tools

Iconica Sections & Players has been created in collaboration with leading orchestral samples company Orchestral Tools. Well respected for its high-end orchestral libraries, like the Berlin Series and Metropolis Ark, Orchestral Tools worked with Steinberg to record the samples in one of its longest ever sessions. Both companies are extremely proud of Iconica which delivers a complete solution for orchestral productions and sound design.

Quick overview

Over 150 GB of samples
Wide range of strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, and harp
Intimately detailed audio quality
Adaptive True Legato for exceptionally realistic note progressions
Innovative Cell Rack makes experimenting fast and intuitive
Tuning Scale function for different scales
Range of different microphone positions
Recorded in the legendary Berlin Funkhaus
Iconica Sections & Players is a HALion library

1.In your system must be installed eLicenser Control Center
2. To operate this library for more than 30 days, you need eLicenser Antitrial beta-5 and eLicenser Antitrial Switch. Who does not have them, you can download

3. Next, you need to request a trial version of Iconica Sections & Players. To do this, you will need a mailbox, which will eventually receive an activation code for 30 days, which will need to be copied and added to the eLicenser Control Center.
4. Install eLicenser Antitrial beta-5. The eLicenser Antitrial Switch utility allows you to enable and disable the antitrial.
5. Star HALion and specify one file from each category of tools

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