F9 Audio 80s Future Retro Grid v1.4 MULTiFORMAT

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F9 Audio 80s Future Retro Grid v1.4 MULTiFORMAT
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F9 Audio 80s Future Retro Grid v1.4 MULTiFORMAT

F9 Audio 80s Future Retro Grid v1.4 MULTiFORMAT

FANTASTiC | 02 December 2015 | 2.16 GB

Welcome to the 1st edition of the Grid Trilogy of high end sample packs - One of the finest collections of 80s Future Retro and vintage synth recordings ever made available royalty free. No expense has been spared and we have considered every single part of this incredible 4gig + library. This pack is for anyone wanting to add a touch, slice or Delorian sized slab of 80’s Future retro to their productions and is without genre limits - we really think everyone will find something they love inside it

To get the authentic sound of the 80’s you need the original machines. Then they need to be pre-amped, processed and recorded properly by someone who knows how. At F9 over many months we assembled an entire armada of vintage equipment for the GRID packs including :

DX7, TX7 , TX81Z, TX816, and the ultra rare FSR-1. Jupiter 8, Juno 60 and 106, JX-10 Super Jupiter and MKS 70/80 , SH101 and Jupiter 4 . Sequential Pro One and Prophet VS , Oberhiem OBX-A , SP1200 , 808, SQ 80 and a Linn LM1 , Yamaha RX5

All these legendary machines were recorded via F9’s world class hardware chains including Neve 1081,1057 and API 320 Preamps and EQ’s , Processed by SSL, GML, HCL and even a 3 head tape machine, every part of the GRID trilogy has been cared for from start to end Wav file by a Grammy nominated engineering and production team. Just the right amount of vintage ambience and Reverb Processing has been applied where needed

Tempos in this enormous 4 gig pack range from 100 to 140 BPM . All drums loops and staccato sounds and loops are converted into Rex files and every Key riff has been chopped into our Incredibly popular Riffmatic sampler format.

Additional Highlights :

Custom Kontakt GUI - Users of Kontakt 5.01+ have access to a custom GUI and Scripted controls allowing instant sound mangling and timestretching controls from the front panel :
F9 Audio 80s Future Retro Grid V1.4 MULTiFORMAT

Multisamples - Analog and digital classics made powerful enough to stand up in a modern production and painstakingly multi-sampled . Kontakt ( 5.01+) users get a custom GUI and scripted controls , Ableton 9 Users get rack macro controls and Kontakt and ESX bass Patches get Round-Robin sampling eliminating static analogue bass samples. Ableton 9 users get Pseudo Round Robin Also - we found a way to do it !!

For the first time in a pack of this price point - the GRID Offers Maschine 2 users 20 Multi-sampled patches - and if you like these -Volume 2 will blow your mind !

Riffmatic Instruments - All the Keyboard and synth lines are pre-chopped and set up across the keyboard in patches for Kontakt (5.01 upwards ), Maschine 2 , Ableton 9, EXS 24, NNXT and Halion

808 hat loops - No two 808 hi hats hits are the same - The soul of the maschine comes from variation different thanks to the analogue circuity and noise oscillators. Finally get rid of machine gun 808 hats with our beautifully recorded hat loops direct from our museum quality 808’s internal sequencer - locked to tempo with Roland’s new SBX-1 box . Rex2 files allow easy sync to any given project tempo

80’s snare drum designer - We’ve heard from so many producers how important the enormous 8 and 12 bit thunderous snare hits are to productions across many genres . The Snare drum designer supplies a kit of 8 X 5 parts to help you create endless variations on the reverent 80’s snares . Add a variety of non-linear reverb sound samples, A tub thumping extra whack of body , A sprinkling of carefully processed 12 bit sizzle and if you fancy a tail of Lush LexVerb from the F9 studio’s classic verbs


More than 4Gig of 24 bit audio
451 Individual Wav loops
274 Rex loops
176 drum sounds
83 midi files
22 808 Hat loops ( Wav + RX2 )
6 Signature drum Kits
Riffmatic patches in A, F and Dmin
Exclusive Ableton 9 racks
20 Maschine 2 Multi-sampled patches
Custom Kontakt GUI
Custom Rack controls for Live Instruments
24 Multi-sampled Vintage Synth patches
Round robin analogue bass patches
80s snare drum designer patches
Full PDF Manual

home page:


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