ILIO Hardwired Synth Presets

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ILIO Hardwired Synth Presets
Class A Samples Sensation Future House WAV MiDi Synth Presets
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Class A Samples Sensation Future House WAV MiDi Synth Presets
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discoDSP Mario Fest Reaching The Stars Synth Presets
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Sound Dust Cloud Viola² KONTAKT
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Sound Dust Cloud Viola² KONTAKT
Audiolove Exclusive | 27 May 2018 | 2.4 GB CLOUD VIOLA² is a deeply multisampled hybrid Kontakt instrument…

2-06-2018, 11:27

ILIO Hardwired Synth Presets

ILIO Hardwired Synth Presets

AudioLove Exclusive | 02 June 2018 | 251 MB

ILIO introduces an amazing new patch library for Spectrasonics Omnisphere 2 showcasing the cutting edge of modular synthesis. Modular synthesis. A vast frontier of new and unusual sonic possibilities (as well as a endless drain on your bank account -- for those simply trying to keep up with regular advancements in technology). If you’ve ever wanted to experiment with the sound of modular synths but haven’t quite dipped your toes in yet, then we’ve got something that you’ll absolutely LOVE.

Jesse Scott of Summer Channel and Kris Northern (Magpie Modular) proudly present a new patch library for Omnisphere 2 called “Hardwired.” In it, you’ll find over 100 never before heard patches made up of the best of both the analog and digital worlds. Encapsulated within this unique library are foreboding cinematic drones, lush and perpetually evolving, as well as texturally intriguing sound beds, quirky effects, gnashing leads, twisted and utterly mangled aural soundscapes, crazy one-shot hits, as well as BPM-locked rhythmic effects and arpeggiations.

Hardwired is a modern producer’s nuclear arsenal of 21st century sounds that will help you construct your next award-winning soundtrack, or add dazzle and sophistication to any kind of music you make. If you’ve ever wanted to have access to the kind of elite sonic weaponry that makes your peers (jealously) ask you, “How did you get those &*$%# sounds?”, then this library is DEFINITELY for you.

Centric to ‘Hardwired’ is over 370 MB of brand new, never released source material derived from some of the most cutting edge modular synth technology available on the market. Every sample was meticulously recorded at 48/24 and processed for maximum sound quality. And much like the source material, many of these Omnisphere patches were programmed using multiple random timing sources so that you never get the same exact sound twice. This ensures that you’ll always come up with new and unique ideas for your compositions, and that Hardwired doesn’t become stale and obsolete over time.

“It’s funny, everytime I do one of these Omnisphere 2 libraries, the one I just finished becomes my new personal favorite. This time though, I’m absolutely *floored* at some of the sounds we came up with. I don’t think I can ever go back to NOT using modular synthesis for the basis of all my sound design. I can see what the magical allure is,” says Jesse Scott.

Hardwired loads quickly and easily into Omnisphere 2.1 or higher. Each sound is optimized for use with your modulation wheel for real time control on stage or in the studio.

Hardwired contains over 100 meticulously crafted patches including:

27 Textural/Sound Beds
20 Sound Effects
12 Cinematic Drones
14 BPM Locked Movers/Arpeggiations
10 Hits
2 Vox Based Sound
5 Pads
5 Basses
6 Leads
2 Synth

Requires Omnisphere version 2.1 or higher. Please read the System Requirements tab for more information.

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