ADSR Sounds Mixing In Mono TUTORiAL

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ADSR Sounds Mixing In Mono TUTORiAL
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Out Of Your Shell Sounds Essential Progressive WAV MiDi
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West Wolf Nature Sounds WAV
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31-01-2018, 13:52

ADSR Sounds Mixing In Mono TUTORiAL

ADSR Sounds Mixing In Mono TUTORiAL

P2P | November 2015 | MP4 | 431 MB

In a world dominated by stereo listening environments, headphones, two monitor sets, car stereos etc., there still is great importance in getting your mixes to sound good in both Mono and Stereo. If you’re an EDM artist and want your tracks played out live, you will need to have a good mono mix because that’s how those live systems are set up for playback.

In this course Echo Sound Works will teach you how to create a mix that sounds good in mono and also how to improve the quality of your stereo mixes using mono referencing.

The course is broken up into 8 individual sections covering everything you need to know about monophonic vs stereophonic sounds.

PART 1- Introduction - This video simply lays out the rest of the course.

PART 2 - Monophonic Vs. Stereophonic - There is more of difference between these two concepts than just how many perceived channels we hear audio on. Mono and Stereo are an integral part of any mix and knowing when and why to make some tracks mono or more mono compatible can actually really help your stereo mixes come to life.

PART 3 - Referencing Your Mix In Mono - This video talks about a few techniques that will let you actually hear wants happening in your monophonically.

PART 4 - Monophonic Mix Elements - This video outlines what elements (like what type of tracks/instruments) should be in mono or at least treated to be mono compatible.

PART 5 - Stereophonic Mix Elements - This video details what types of instruments or sounds should be kept in Stereo so your mixes sound commercially viable.

PART 6 - Addressing Low End Elements - This video will show you how to mix and treat the low end instruments of a mix for better mono compatibility and improved stereo image.

PART 7 - Addressing High End Elements - This section will show you how to improve your mono compatibility in regards tot he high end instruments in your mix, things like hi hats, noises, synths etc.

PART 8 - Wider Mono Tracks - This video will show you 5 great tips and tricks to get wider mono tracks in your stereo mix.

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