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Vir2 Instruments Acou6tics KONTAKT
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30-01-2018, 15:19

Vir2 Instruments Acou6tics KONTAKT

Vir2 Instruments Acou6tics KONTAKT

DISCOVER | 02 APRiL 2014 | 10.5 GB

Following in the footsteps of Vir2 Instruments' award-winning Electri6ity electric guitar virtual instrument, Acou6tics applies the same advanced technologies to re-imagine the virtual acoustic guitar. Vir2 has meticulously recorded six different acoustic instruments: a steel-string guitar, twelve-string, nylon string, ukulele, mandolin, and guitalele, and presents them in astonishing detail.

It features both plectrum and finger picking, and Blumlein stereo recordings alongside the piezo pickup perspective. Thousands of samples across more than a dozen articulations were recorded for each instrument, including sustains, mutes, releases, legatos, hammer-ons and pull-offs, slides, harmonics, and effects. Acou6tics also features virtual room control with adjustable mic distance and sympathetic resonance.

Steel-string (Plectrum & Finger Picked)
12-string (Plectrum)
Nylon String (Finger Picked & Finger Nail Picked)
Ukulele (Finger Picked & Finger Nail Picked)
Mandolin (Plectrum)
Guitalele (Finger Picked & Finger Nail Picked)

Recoreded in Blumlein-Stereo with no phasing issues when mixed down to mono.
Special recording process to minimize the recorded room while keeping the natural tone of the instrument,leading to an completely dry, yet natural sounding guitar tone.
All guitars are recorded with stereo micing plus additional piezo DI channel.
Between 4000 and 8000 samples per instrument (4GB to 8GB wave files, uncompressed).

All articulations are available on all strings, all frets.
Sustain (Plectrum Dn, Plectrum Up, Finger, Thumb, Finger Nail Dn, Finger Nail Up).
Muted (Palm Muted, Hand Muted).
Legato (Hammer On, Pull Off).
Slides (Slide Dn 1 & 2 Frets, Slide Up 1 & 2 Frets, Slide In).
Release (Normal, Buzz, Slide Dn, Pick Mute, Finger Mute).
FX (Pick Noises, Body Knocks, Slaps, etc.).

Virtual room with adjustable mic distance.
Physical correct sympathetic resonance.
Advanced strum engine (fully customizable strum keys, including special keys for transition strums & open string strums) & picking engine.
Advanced guitar chord detection - almost 25,000 chords are detected and transferred into guitar chords in real time. Most guitar chords are available in up to fifty different voicings.
Advanced string and fretboard positioning - the AI chooses the best fitting strings and fretboard position for you. It takes speed, timing, notes and polyphony into account. Manual overwrite is possible whenever you need it (by manually choosing a string or a position on the fretboard).
Advanced guitar noise engine - adds pick, finger and slide noises according to your playing.
Advanced vibrato engine.

Acou6tics is compatible with both Macintosh and Windows platforms and includes the standalone Kontakt Player 5 application as well as AudioUnit, VST, RTAS (Pro Tools 9 & 10), and AAX (Pro Tools 10 & 11) plug-ins. All of these versions ship in the same box.

Mac OS IconThe Macintosh version requires an Intel Core Duo, 2GB of RAM, and OSX 10.7.3 or later. For optimum performance, Vir2 Instruments recommends a 2.0GHz processor or faster. The library requires 13GB of free hard drive space.

Windows IconThe Windows version requires Windows 7 or 8 (latest Service Pac, 32/64 Bit) Intel Core Duo, and 2GB of RAM. For optimum performance, Vir2 Instruments recommends a 2.0GHz processor or faster. The library requires 13GB of free hard drive space.

Acou6tics will run in standalone mode and is also compatible with every major sequencing package in the world, including but not limited to: Apple Logic and GarageBand, MOTU Digital Performer, Digidesign Pro Tools (9 and higher), Steinberg Cubase and Nuendo, Ableton Live, and more.

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