Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02 MULTiFORMAT

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Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02 MULTiFORMAT
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Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02 MULTiFORMAT

Wave Alchemy SFX Collection 02 MULTiFORMAT


We are extremely excited to present SFX Collection 02, an epic collection of next-generation sound effects, cinematic trailer tools and cutting-edge transitional FX elements...

Delivering 2.1GB of stunningly produced and innovatively processed special effects samples, SFX Collection 02 pushes the boundaries of modern sound design, combining creative digital effects processing, granular re-synthesis and intricate automation with sought after analogue synths, legendary effects devices and unique live field recordings.

Expect to find a versatile selection of twisted impacts and slams, huge risers and intense builds, sublime falls and breakdown FX as well as complex transitional elements and much more.

SFX Collection 02 is an essential tool for cutting-edge dance music production, cinematic sound design and game audio.
What's included in the collection?
826 24-bit, 100% royalty free sound effects samples
Impacts - 55 enormous collisions, sub bombs and multi layered, expressive impacts
Cinematic Slams - 68 apocalyptic slams, epic crashes and cinematic explosions
Cymbal FX- 58 uniquely processed crash effects, other worldly-gongs and mutated cymbals
Uplifters - 64 risers, lifters and hair-raising ascents. Including complex granular risers, brutal uplifters, multi-layered tonal sweeps and epic one minute long tension builders
Downshifters - 55 down-sweeps, falls and descenders. Including bottomless descents, uniquely processed tonal falls and hugely complex down-shifts
Noise Tools - 83 processed white noise effects including intense build-ups, washed out sweeps, spinning dopplers and heavily mutated noise effects. Noise Tools have been created with unique sounding instruments such as the Oberheim OB8, Roland Jupiter 8 and Korg MS-20. These source sounds have been creatively treated through a wealth of analogue filters, experimental effects chains and various re-synthesis methods
Risers & Falls - 55 pressure building sweeps and drop down FX, perfect for creating tension within your mix
Soundscapes & Ambience - 26 textural ambiences including evolving sound beds, alien landscapes and glitchy backdrops
Synth Impacts & Stabs - 23 synthesized impacts, paranormal collisions and deep metallic slams
Twisted Transition FX - 91 heavily processed and truly creative transition sounds including morphing granular effects, transformed foley recordings, undulated Doppler FX, spectral trickery and all manner of other sonic destruction!
Analogue Synth FX - 247 extremely raw sounding audio effects which have been created using our extensive collection of high-end analogue studio equipment. Divided into sub categories such as 'bass drops' 'jupiter 8 fx' 'miscellaneous' and 'noise' this folder hosts a vast selection of powerful 'dry' analogue FX material - great for layering, further effecting and creating your own unique sound effects from! Expect huge dubstep style bass drops, subs and power downs, monstrous Jupiter 8 FX workouts, experimental bleeps and drones and a huge selection of powerful filtered noise sweeps and atmospheres


826 Sound Effect Samples
55 Impacts
68 Cinematic slams
58 Cymbal FX
64 Uplifers
55 Downshifters
83 Noise Tools
55 Risers and Falls
26 Soundscapes and Ambience
23 Synth Impacts and Stabs
91 Twisted Transitional FX
247 Analogue Synth FX
16 Soft Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24

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