W.A Production Helper Transients WiN/MAC

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W.A Production Helper Transients WiN/MAC
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25-08-2017, 09:09

W.A Production Helper Transients WiN/MAC

W.A Production Helper Transients WiN/MAC

P2P | 25 August 2017 | WiN: 5.7 MB | MAC: 19.5 MB

Being able to control the shape of the sounds is extremely useful for musicians when they are mixing their music. But Helper Transients is much more than an ordinary transient shaper plug-in because it can process 5 different kinds of audio signal from the audio source itself.

This means that the user can set it to affect only the original audio source, the mid, the side, the left or the right of the audio source. This brings up a new realm of possibilities.

While compression is more commonly used to control dynamics of sounds, but sometimes it is just not the right tool for the job. Transient shaping has become an important aspect of mixing audio as you can sharpen or soften the audio signal without over-compressing the audio signal. You can use to shape drums so that they can cut through the mix without compromising the dynamics of the audio.

With its both low pass and high pass filter modules, you’ll be able to cut off unwanted frequencies from the saturated audio signal. The possibilities are endless as you use the filter modules for creative purposes such as crafting new unique sounds.

With the input and output gain control, proper gain staging can be done before and after the saturation process.

Features:Attack (amount of amplification or attenuation of the transient)
Sustain (amount of amplification or attenuation of the sustained sound) Clean Processing

System Requirements

Mac OSX 10.7 and later (32bit & 64bit)
Formats: AU/VST/VST3

Windows 7 and later (32bit & 64bit)
Formats: VST/VST3

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