Soniccouture Wassolou Balafon KONTAKT

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Soniccouture Wassolou Balafon KONTAKT
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10-10-2016, 07:13

Soniccouture Wassolou Balafon KONTAKT

Soniccouture Wassolou Balafon KONTAKT

P2P | October 09 2016 | 331 MB



French musician Jean-Philippe Rykiel contacted us about a unique type of African balafon in which each key had “snares” that vibrated when played, giving it a interesting buzzing quality.
Sometimes called a “gyil”(JEE-le), it's usually found in parts of northern Ghana, Burkina Faso, and south-eastern Mali. Hardwood keys are suspended over calabash gourds.

Silk or paper covers small holes in the gourds which resonates to produce the characteristic buzzing.

Rykiel has long been involved with West African musicians, having collaborated with both the wonderful Salif Keita and Youssou N’Dour. For the balafon however, he knew of a virtuoso player from Burkina Faso named Mamadou Diabate now living in Austria. He enlisted Mamadou to play the instrument for a recording session that he would conduct himself.

The recordings then made their way to us, and the result is the instrument you find here. We hope you’ll find this instrument both curious and inspirational!


The Control Page

Full control of the two stereo pairs of microphones, as well as Roll, LP filter and an ADSR envelope to shape your sound.

Kontakt (FULL VERSION) 5.5 Needed

home page:

Soniccouture Wassolou Balafon KONTAKT:

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