ADSR Sounds Sampling with Ableton Simpler TUTORiAL

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ADSR Sounds Sampling with Ableton Simpler TUTORiAL
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23-09-2016, 14:36

ADSR Sounds Sampling with Ableton Simpler TUTORiAL

ADSR Sounds Sampling with Ableton Simpler TUTORiAL

SYNTHiC4TE | Sept 23 2016 | 288 MB

Sampling & Sound Design with Ableton Live Simpler

As of Ableton Live 9.5 Simpler received a tidy update expanding its sound design, sampling and resampling capabilities.

This 10-part course covers everything from how to navigate the software including playback modes, warping sounds and the expanded controls tab; to how to get it working for you with a series of hands on sound design and resampling tutorials that will show you to use Simpler to redesign vocal loops, chop up drum loops creatively, use chains of simplers to transform tops loops and so much more.

Module 1: Simpler Fundamentals

> Classic Playback Mode & Warping in Simpler
Take a look at Simpler’s Classic Playback Mode. Learn how to set sample loops, play samples back polyphonically and get familiar with the 6 warp modes and how they operate when working with Simpler.

> 1-Shot Playback Mode
Discover the 1-Shot mode in Simpler and explore the kinds of scenarios that make it a good idea to use this more stripped down mode.

> Slice Playback Mode
Learn everything you need to know about the Slice playback mode in Simpler, you’ll explore the options you have for creating and setting your slices and the most efficient way to export the slices for quick editing.

> Controls Tab
Get up to speed with the features in Simpler’s expanded Controls tab. In this section of Simpler you can apply creative modulation using the filter, LFO and pitch sections.

> Transient Loop Mode Editing
Find out how to make the most of the transient loop modes available when working with Transient warping. You’ll also discover different preservation settings you can apply to create interesting vocal edits.
Module 2: Simpler Sampling, Resampling and Sound Design

> Audition Drum Chops
Revisit the Slice mode and explore how you can use slices to audition various different drum chops.

> Simpler Chains & Pitch Envelope Edits
This creative technique lets you use a chain of Simplers to transform a tops loop into something completely different and create complex glitch style edits in just minutes.

> Quick Drum Break Edits
Explore the half and double speed options you have in Simpler and how you can use this technique to shape the transients of your samples.

> Special FX Sound Design
Delve into the Controls tab in more detail and make full use of the numerous modulations options on offer to create numerous special FX sounds.

> Tempo Sync’d Sample Loops
Put your knowledge to work as you create and playback tempo sync’d sample loops in Simpler.
About Your Tutor

With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British producer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts. Drawing on years of experience as both producer and tutor he’s able to explain using appropriate examples and insights that give you both a genuine understanding of mixing and actionable production skills. Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

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ADSR Sounds Sampling with Ableton Simpler TUTORiAL:

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