loops de la crème Chimes Deluxe KONTAKT

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loops de la crème Chimes Deluxe KONTAKT
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4-08-2016, 23:28

loops de la crème Chimes Deluxe KONTAKT

loops de la crème Chimes Deluxe KONTAKT

FANTASTiC August 04 2016 | 860 MB
Choose your favourite mark tree, and let your fingers do the magic: with CHIMES DELUXE, It's never been easier to perform ultra realistic chimes glissandos in real-time!

With a gorgeous stereo sound, additional melodic and sound design instruments, and an intuitive and powerful user interface, CHIMES DELUXE will deliver fantastic results and be a very special addition to your sound palette : )

  • 3 models of mark trees (ethnic, studio, concert)
  • 526 samples (WAV, stereo 24bit, 48kHz)
  • gorgeous stereo sound based on binaural technics
  • 3 virtual mark tree instruments
  • 11 tuned instruments and 8 sound design programs
  • Full NI Kontakt 5.3+ required!!
  • 12 Impulse Responses (reverb)
  • license agreement + user manual included
  • Total size uncompressed: 1,44 GB


    ETHNIC: a delicate and exotic sounding mark tree (20 thin and hollow chimes)

    STUDIO: very rich sounding, with a double row of 30 chimes

    CONCERT: loud, powerful and cutting sound (33 chimes)


    If you've ever tried to adjust the panning of a mono bar chimes sample, you'll know how time-consuming this can be, and how disappointing and unrealistic the results usually are. For CHIMES DELUXE, the goal was to capture and deliver a spectacular, realistic and wide stereo sound. To achieve this, loops de la crème tested several stereo microphone technics, and settled on a custom adaptation of the binaural recording technic.

    The result is a gorgeous stereo sound that will guarantee impressive realism on monitors and headphones, while still being fully mono-compatible.


    Most of the magic of bar chimes actually takes place after a glissando, when each bar keeps on moving and gently hits neighbouring bars in a subtle, organic and unpredictable way.

    CHIMES DELUXE perfectly reproduces this behaviour by using ground-breaking sampling technics and powerful scripting and programing. This complex behind-the-scene technology guarantees that no two glissandos will sound the same, while delivering a realistic instrument that remains fun, easy and intuitive to play.


    Play haunting melodies on 11 additional chromatic instruments!

    For each mark tree, you will find two melodic instruments:

    One version ('TUNED') is based on the tuning of all single chime bars, and gives a very organic, slightly imperfect sound.

    The second version ('TUNED-B') is based on the most appropriate single chimes samples and uses extended stretching. In total, you'll find 6 melodic instruments that can be played over up to 6 octaves and easily combined and layered together or with other sounds to create your own instruments.

    Five melodic multi-programs (.nkm) are also provided to give you an example of the possibilities, and include bell-like instruments, carillon emulations, pads, reversed chimes...


    Explore new sonic territories with 8 responsive and dynamic sound design instruments!

    Based on extra long loops (24 loops, up to 9 velocity layers, 30sec+)

    Use your mod wheel to morph between these loops to create dynamic and organic soundscapes.

    5 included multis (.nkm) push this concept further by combining layers of Texture instruments and assigning extra parameters to the mod wheel (pitch, reverb send, filters...) These highly responsive presets include risers, soundscapes and pure sound design explorations.

    They are easy and fun to play! Very much in the vein of the multis in CYMBAL ROLLS


    FILTERS: A high-pass and a low pass filter help you cut out unwanted frequencies

    REVERB SELECTOR: pick one of 12 custom Impulse Responses

    ATTACK: bring this up for mellow and smooth sweeps without audible strokes, or down to hear the impact of the chime bar.

    RELEASE: maximum release values provide an authentic decay of the instrument, while lower values help replicate a chocked sound.

    FOCUS: reduce the stereo width to easily integrate the instrument in your mix

    EQ: add a slight boost of mid-frequencies

    BRIGHT: high frequencies boost

    FX: pre-programmed stereo delay effect

    COMP: a parallel compressor used on the tuned instruments to control dynamics and increase sustain

    home page:

    loops de la crème Chimes Deluxe KONTAKT:



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