Texas Blues Alley: The Woodshed Lessons - The Essentials Collection

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Texas Blues Alley: The Woodshed Lessons - The Essentials Collection
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Texas Blues Alley: The Woodshed Lessons - The Essentials Collection

Texas Blues Alley: The Woodshed Lessons - The Essentials Collection

P2P | July 10 2016 | 10.54 GB
This collection is the best place for most beginner or intermediate players to start. If you don't know any music theory at all, start with Essential Theory, otherwise Essential Fretboard is the best starting point.

Essentials Collection:

Essential Theory
Absolute Beginner Music Theory For Blues Guitar
Are you embarrassed to admit you don’t know any music theory? If so, stop it. There’s nothing to be embarassed about. Lots of people pick up an instrument without ever learning the basics of music theory.
You can learn a lot of stuff without ever knowing what you’re doing. But if you’re willing to learn the most basic elements of music theory, everything you do will make more sense.

Essential Fretboard
Get Lost In The Music, Not On The Fretboard
If you want to play blues guitar but feel lost on the fretboard, you’ve found the right place. Essential Fretboard is one of the simplest, most organized systems for navigating the fretboard for blues and rock.
I don’t use 300 chords or know 50 scales, so I won’t teach you that. Instead, I’ll show you what matters the most for blues and blues rock guitar. You’ll learn the essential chords and soloing shapes that I use every day. If you’re looking for a simpler, easier to use fretboard navigation system, you’re ready for Essential Fretboard.

5 Essential Blues Boxes
Blues Soloing Without Scales
You’ll never sound like Stevie Ray Vaughan using blues scales. That’s because he didn’t study or play scales to get his sound. He studied and played licks. There’s a big difference.
Many of the licks he played can be captured in 5 simple shapes. They’re not scales, just guidelines. This is a shortcut (and it’s not for everyone) but if you can’t make your scales sound great, you might be working too hard.

5 Boxes Essential Licks
Learn 150+ SRV Style Licks
This is a huge collection of blues and bluesy licks matched with my 5 Essential Blues Boxes. The licks are heavily influenced by Stevie Ray Vaughan’s playing. Taught in note-by-note format at a speed you can follow.
This series is a must-have for people wanting to add more licks to their arsenal. You’ll learn licks from a wide variety of song styles, expanding your vocabulary, and adding depth to your playing.

Simple 12-Bar Rhythm
40+ Rhythms that you can play over 6 progressions in any key
How many simple blues rhythms do you know? Even a simple blues shuffle can be played many different ways. Simple 12-Bar Rhythm can make your blues rhythm playing a lot more interesting.
If you want to be appreciated at blues jams, you need to become a good rhythm player. Soloing is not enough. Without good rhythm players, it’s not really music.

home page:

Essential Theory LINKS:



Essential Fretboard LINKS:



5 Essential Blues Boxes LINKS:



5 Boxes Essential Licks LINKS:



Simple 12-Bar Rhythm LINKS:



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