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23-02-2017, 12:50 Chord Progression Vol 1-5 + BONUS Content TUTORiAL Chord Progression Vol 1-5 + BONUS Content TUTORiAL


“Now it’s your turn to be envied, right? You’re serious about your music, that’s why you’re here, so I’m gonna let you in on a jealously guarded secret!”

First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! You finally made it to the right site, it’s not a coincidence you’re here. You’ve probably been all over the net trying to learn how to come up with the right hip hop chords and progressions for your music or beats and need to know quick, fast and in a hurry. Nobody ever told you if the chords or cycle you should use are fifth’s, fourths, minors or majors, or how to come up with aggressive beats, emotional sad beats, street level beats or even that new Maybach laid back sound that is so pleasant and orchestrated and much, much more. What progressions to use to make a track happy, or sensual and sexy. Just seems like it’s a jealously guarded secret right? They know youre not going to take the time out to learn all of that! They bank on this so that they will remain the best. This is where I can help you. How? Because I was in your shoes. I UNDERSTAND.

I apologize for waiting this long…I should have been gave you this vital information. I’ve always encouraged listeners to learn music theory, chords and progressions in my Hip Hop In Session lessons, but never provided the information. I believed that teaching fundamentals of Hip Hop Production was enough, but I later realized I was very wrong.

The bottom line and burning question was: “Whats the point in learning Hip Hop production tips and techniques, without knowing the basic true language of music?” A simple fact will remain for all eternity. Music is the sound of your emotions. If our emotions could speak, then you would hear various musical elements. If you don’t know how to speak or express the language of music, but is a musician or producer, then you are like the deaf and mute of society. You is like a human that walks, socialize and communicate with society, but you cannot speak, you’re deaf and mute, you have a speaking disorder and cannot relate what you want to get across in a reasonable simple and practical way. You sort of just mumble, grunt and galk out what you are trying to say to your friends and family. This is how you are speaking musically when you don’t know the simple and basic fundamentals of music and theory.

“Ok, It Makes Sense Right? But There’s a Problem, You Don’t Have The Time Or Patience To Learn Music Theory This Late In The Game, So Whats The Solution To That?”

Well after realizing the dire need for this knowledge and the fact that we need it fast so that we can get up to speed with this fast paced moving industry, I took it upon myself to search out and find a real and practical solution to all of our problems. What was most important to me was to find an immediate solution! Something tangible I could start using right NOW! IMMEDIATELY! TODAY!!!

Not ME!!! I’m too old, I should have learned this as a child, know what I’m sayin’? And I’m sure you’re in the same boat, because other than that you would be in school taking music theory courses and not online looking for an immediate solution.

I offer to you an immediate solution. Something you could use today, right now. And in less than 24 hours you could be producing like your favorite Hip Hop Producers, or even better! I’ve always been resourceful and I will always be resourceful, seeking out solutions, better and more practical ways of accomplishing the same goals more prestigious fully educated men can accomplish. Fortunately, thanks to TECHNOLOGY this is all NOW POSSIBLE!

And with a little bit of insightful training, coupled with technology, you can skyrocket your careers and goals to levels unheard of. Especially today! So I’ve dug and done some painstaking research and found an answer to all of our problems, and I’m going to do more than just speak, I’m going to provide you with some evidence that my system works, it works for me, and it’s going to work for you. Check out this quick video I produced in seconds utilizing this immediately knowledge and a few tools to get the job done.

Now, I want to do more than that, let me show you a quick video that really impressed me. It’s a guy from my hometown. He’s playing so elegantly and effortlessly that it will sort of make you jealously angry with ENVY! You simply cannot deny his skills, but it will upset you simply because you’d like to know what he know. Check it out.

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