unEarthed Sampling SAWmonium KONTAKT

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unEarthed Sampling SAWmonium KONTAKT
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30-05-2016, 23:33

unEarthed Sampling SAWmonium KONTAKT

unEarthed Sampling SAWmonium KONTAKT

DISCOVER | May 31 2016 | 25 MB
A basic woodsaw, a small mitre back saw, a basic hacksaw. Who knew what musical awesomeness these everyday tools held? We had a clue, but until we started using a cello bow on them and banging them with the likes of mallets, rattans, and sticks. These were just for sawing wood, metal, or girls in wooden boxes on stage in half.

Welcome to our second release. Welcome to the Horror. Welcome to, THE SAWmonium!

SAWmonium brings you 10 very unique Kontakt patches which are, as usual, very cinematic in sound and geared towards the horrific, quirky, or even mysterious! We utilized a cello bow on the wood saw and hacksaw to create some very strange and unique FX sounds.

Some of which harken back to the odd FX from the Jerry Goldsmith scores of the 60s and 70s. The bow also helped us to create some very usable tonal staccs, really creepy growls, and one patch which is a definite nod to Zimmers' Joker motif from The Dark Knight.

The bowed sustains patch is tuned and loops. It has the sound of a gritty glass harmonica and is very playable.

We also banged on each saw using a concert mallet, a rattan, and traditional drum sticks. The HITS patch contains all of these and each hit has 4 X RR to help fight repetition. These, when used with the built in Arpeggiator, are highly useable.

Speaking of the Arpeggiator, the GUI from Antique Metal Percussion has returned (with a facelift) giving you full control over the EQ, Attack/Decay, and the Pitch in addition to the 13 custom impulse reponses to put these strange sounds in a varying degree of different rooms.

Geared towards the quirky, horror, and sci fi genres. SAWmonium is an avante garde approach to music and will give your next piece of music or film, game score a very unique touch.

Vitals about the instrument unEarthed:
• Bowed and struck handsaws
• Recorded in a dry studio setting
• 10 uniquely terrifying Kontakt instruments

The following saws were recorded:
• An old rusty and used wood saw
• An old hacksaw
• A brand new hacksaw
• A very used mitre back saw

Bowing the instruments to achieve:
• Tons of Bowed FX
• Bowed Tonal Staccs
• A Tuned / Looped Bowed Sustain patch
• Growls

Struck each saw with a concert mallet, Rottan, and traditional Drum Sticks to achieve:
• Anvil type hits
• Various hits all over each saw
• 4 X RR for each hit in the HITS patch

• Highly (and easily) tweakable GUI
• Toggleable Convolution Reverb
• Control the High, Mid, and LO EQ tweaks from the GUI
• Control the attack and release of each patch from the GUI
• Control the PITCH of each patch from the GUI
• 13 custom convolution reverb IRs, easily selectable via the GUI
• Built in Arpeggiator
• Cinematic and creeeptastic sound out of the box!

....:::: Patch List ::::....
• SAWmonium Anvilike
• SAWmonium Bowed FX
• SAWmonium Bowed Staccs Linear
• SAWmonium Bowed Staccs Random
• SAWmonium Bowed Sustains
• SAWmonium Bowed Tonal Shorts
• SAWmonium Growls
• SAWmonium Hits
• SAWmonium Impacts
• SAWmonium Jokster (HOLD)

home page:

Download unEarthed Sampling SAWmonium KONTAKT:



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