Mixing 101 by Matthew Weiss TUTORiAL

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Mixing 101 by Matthew Weiss TUTORiAL
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Mixing 101 by Matthew Weiss TUTORiAL

P2P | 04 May 2016 | 2.68 GB
Learn the mindsets and fundamentals of getting a great mix.

Professional mix engineer Matthew Weiss lays out a solid foundation for getting a great mix by breaking down the technical concepts, creative techniques and effective mindsets that will set you up for success.

Mixing 101 will teach you:

What is Sound?

Learn how sound behaves in an enclosed space and how it's captured and converted into an audio signal for you to manipulate in a DAW.

Signal Flow

Signal flow can seem daunting, but we break it down simply so you can focus on what matters: making music and getting a great mix. Track types, sends and more — we clarify and cover it all.

Gain Staging

Gain staging is easily glossed over, but also essential to the entire process. Learn the most important principles for setting optimal levels in your DAW, as well as for using analog gear.

Session Setup

We'll show you the best ways to set up your session for faster navigation, efficient workflow, buss processing and more.

Source Prep

A little time spent upfront pays dividends down the line. Learn some quick editing tips that will go a long way towards getting a more polished mix.


A well organized session yields an uncluttered mind for ultimate creativity. Learn tips and tricks for making your session as easy as possible to navigate so you can focus on being creative.

Phase Coherency

Learn how to evaluate and optimize phase coherency within a multitrack drum capture so you're not sacrificing the best possible sound of a recording.

Starting a Mix

Starting your mix in the right place can lead it in different directions. We break down a few ways you can approach the beginning of your mix.

EQ and Compression

Learn the basics of common audio processors including EQ, compression, distortion, reverb, delay, and more demonstrated on drums, bass and vocals in the mix.

Drum Mixing

Learn how to check a multitrack recording for phase coherency, and use both EQ and compression to make tonal adjustments in the mix.

Bass Mixing

Learn how to make bass and drums work well together in a mix, and how you can use utilize harmonic distortion to add character to a bass.

Vocal Mixing

Learn the basics of different kinds of reverb on vocals, as well as effects and techniques you can use to widen vocals in a mix.

You'll learn to ...

- Mix bass, drums and vocals using stock plugins
- Set up sessions for better workflow and proper gain staging
- Master the basics of sound, acoustics and auditory perception
- Optimize your levels for both digital and analog mixing
- Properly use audio tracks, sends and group busses in a mix
- Make your Pro Tools sessions easier to navigate
- Decide when to use a send versus an insert in a mix
- Evaluate and optimize phase coherency in a recording
- Use clip gain or fader gain depending on the circumstances
- Decide the best place to start a mix before you begin mixing
- Mix vocals, drums and bass with EQ, compression and more
- Use compression for tone and dynamic manipulation
- Utilize distortion, reverb, delay and other effects in a mix

Tutorial Breakdown (4 hours)

Before the Mix:

Signal Flow
Gain Staging
Session Setup
Source Prep
Phase and Polarity

During the Mix:

Drums (Editing, Phase, EQ, Compression)
Bass (EQ, Distortion & More)
Vocals (Compression, EQ, Reverb, Delay)
Concluding Thoughts

home page:

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