VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE KONTAKT

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VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE KONTAKT
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17-04-2017, 17:26

VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE KONTAKT

VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE KONTAKT


FUSE is a never before seen synth workstation that combines the power of incredible multi-sampled instruments, a dual engine interface, and limitless sound design capabilities. FUSE conceptually has never been done on the Kontakt platform, which makes it a one of a kind instrument that you must have in your collection. The features and concept were developed by the elite team of sound designers at VIP Loops developers of the critically acclaimed SWAGG instrument. FUSE has 2 separate synth engines and it gives you the ability to access all of the sounds in the instrument instantly from 2 front panel drop-downs, one on each engine.

A brand new world class arsenal of sounds developed by the team at VIP Loops responsible for millions of records sold worldwide. FUSE contains 256 patches which are instantly doubled to 512 in reverse mode. Reverse mode is a pretty big deal, and here is why...reverse mode is not simply a reverse of the patch’s samples, it’s a completely new sound with the perimeters and attack points adjusted to give you something new and fresh. FUSE’s dual layer engine and reverse feature allows you to instantly achieve 8 different variations of a dual layer patch even before you start tweaking and tone blending.

FUSE contains a full category compliment of instruments including acoustic sounds meticulously sampled, cutting edge leads and synths, innovative and heart pounding basses, and creative fx sounds. FUSE contains an entire rack of fx, many that are dedicated to each engine so that you can do vastly different things to each of the sound engines. It has an incredible LFO with 5 different types, envelope, pro arp, 6 filter types, you can have it sync with your tempo or run free, and it also had a mute on each side to save polyphony if needed! Yes, I know….it’s a lot.

VIP Loops instrument design philosophy is simple, first the sounds should be incredible, next the instrument should be easy to use, and lastly it should be efficient saving you valuable time in the production to mixing and mastering process.

FUSE has an incredible palette of effects including eq, compression, delay, reverb, tape saturation, limiter, ADSR, Lo Fi, drive/damp, transient sound shaper, modulation fx, LFO, and 6 different types of filters! We give you 2 different ways to use these powerful fx.

1.) Quick Strike FX - Introduced by VIP Loops in the critically acclaimed SWAGG virtual instrument FUSE’s Quick Strike FX allows you to push a button, or turn a knob and instantly engage a ridiculously good sounding effect preset designed and developed by our team to accurately represent the spirit of the effect you choose to use.

2.) Tweak Heads - Wanna dig deeper and sculpt and develop your own sound in FUSE, no problem! On the front of FUSE’s interface you can click the Pro tab that brings up a hidden screen behind each engine of FUSE that allows you to adjust the envelope ADSR which includes selections for amp, pitch and filter, and amount. Then below that you have FUSE’s LFO section offering you a powerful LFO with 5 different options. The LFO includes selections for pan, filter, pitch, sync, rate, fade, and amount! Next you have a tune and pan knob, and a dropdown for 6 different filter types! Want more? You have the now famous stutta and pitch fx that made SWAGG famous at the top of a each engine! Develop incredible risers, drops, and unique stuttas with these features. Not satisfied? Want even more? FUSE also includes an incredible sounding glide with mono and poly selections and a powerful arpeggiator that include 6 different arp modes which will allow you to create some truly unique arp patterns. The arp also includes full editing.

At the bottom of the FUSE interface you will find our golden effects chain setup specifically to give you a powerful sound. Let’s take a look at these fx.

1.) EQ - We’ve chosen an SSL style EQ for it’s sonic character.

2.) Compressor - We’ve chosen a smooth yet punchy compressor to allow you to either smooth out the rough edges of a sound and control it a little better, or to make a sound thump!

3.) Delay - We’ve chosen a beautiful analog style delay that will sync up perfectly to your tempo.

4.) Reverb - A lush reverb was chosen that allows you to really engage it and create a drastic difference in the sound or to simply add just a touch of wetness to a sound for character.

5.) Tape Saturation - How about a little warmth? We’ve included tape saturation which sounds incredible and adds a very warm analog sound to the patches in FUSE, as the tape saturation is engaged and played you will see the tubes light up on either side of FUSE indication how much saturation is going to the sound.

6.) Limiter - Now that you’ve created a beast of a sound you may need to control that beast a bit. This is where a very clean and efficient limiter comes into play allowing you to brick wall the sound, control it slightly, or let it peak a bit. Your choice!

All of the effects in the FUSE have individual parameters that allow you to tweak each fx to get it just right! You also have a bypass button to quickly turn the fx on and off, and a pre eq and post eq option.

FUSE is an incredible tool that you must have in your arsenal no matter what genre you are creating for. Whether you are a producer, engineer, live musician, or sound designer FUSE is a invaluable product that will make your job a lot easier at a price that won’t break the bank. It’s powerful, fast, easy and efficient, and most important it sounds fantastic!


- 471 Preset Patches

- 333 Dual Layer Patches

- 138 Single Layer Patches

- 119 Raw tones

home page:

VIP Loops and Big Fish Audio FUSE KONTAKT:

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    17 April 2017 20:53
    • Demo sounds cool. Is there a WAV or MULTI-FORMAT version of this library?


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