DMG Audio Plugins Bundle 24 Feb 2016 WiN/OSX-R2R

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DMG Audio Plugins Bundle 24 Feb 2016 WiN/OSX-R2R
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25-02-2016, 06:27

DMG Audio Plugins Bundle 24 Feb 2016 WiN/OSX-R2R

DMG Audio Plugins Bundle 24 Feb 2016 WiN/OSX-R2R

Team R2R | Feb 24 2016 | WiN 44 MB | OSX 37 MB
DMG Audio Plugins Bundle.



Drawing on 50 years of EQ heritage, EQuilibrium is a custom-designed power tool for audio professionals. User-adaptable design, a cutting edge feature set, built for tackling critical mix/mastering tasks.


Featuring full loudness metering and DMGAudio's state of the art algorithms this is not your traditional dynamics processor. Limitless implements multi-band dual-stage processing that intelligently separates dynamics and transients, and generates the smoothest possible gain reduction curves.


Essence is the most powerful and transparent De-Esser in the world. It's much more than just a vocal de-esser; it's a flexible sub-band processor that can reach in and invisibly control any element in a mix. For the first time in audio software history, Essence provides the power to de-ess a full mix with all of the adaptability and subtlety of hardware.


Expurgate is the most advanced noise-detecting, circuit modelled, MIDI sample accurate, zero-latency, ultra-fast, lookahead, linear-phase sub-band gate.


Dualism is a complete toolkit for stereo work, featuring a comprehensive audio visualisation suite. Used as a final stage in mastering and monitor control, and at the top and bottom of every channel, Dualism ensures absolute stereo mastery.


Compassion is a fully-featured dynamics processor, ready for any dynamic processing on any signal. Behind the UI lies perhaps the most flexible dynamics engine ever designed. Any channel, any task, Compassion is ready to enable you to get the job done.


EQuality has been designed to be the perfect EQ to let your mixdowns shine. Something for every track of your session. For it to sound at least as good as any high-end console or rack gear, and with all the features and functionality that digital brings.


EQuick is a streamlined, ultramodern EQ built to help you make your mixes magnificent. Fast, intuitive and unbelievably flexible, we've packed it with digital functionality.


Science has officially gone too far. DMGAudio PitchFunk is an audio manipulating colossus that puts into your hands a laboratory-full of sound crunching effects.

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