Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 MULTiFORMAT

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Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 MULTiFORMAT
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Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 MULTiFORMAT

Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 MULTiFORMAT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX 17 January 2015 | 873 MB

The iconic TR-606, recorded 10 times, through 10 unique, characterful signal chains… 5381 unique samples, seamlessly integrated within an intuitive, highly-programmable virtual drum machine.

Introducing Revolution-606 for Kontakt 5 – The most authentic TR-606 software re-creation ever created!

A full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 5 is required to use Revolution-606. Custom built Ableton Live and NI Maschine versions are also included

Imagine a studio equipped with high-end outboard gear, vintage analogue tape machines, classic 12-bit samplers and filthy lo-fi sound shaping boxes. Now imagine taking a TR-606 and being able to process and shape each drum sound individually through unique, highly versatile signal chains – The tone shaping possibilities would be almost limitless…

With our 3rd Revolution instrument, we pushed the boundaries, capturing 12 round robin variations and 6 accent / velocity layers for each and every sound; recording the 606 both dry/clean at 96 KHz, and through 10 carefully thought-out high-end processing chains.

Revolution-606’s four unique style modes allow each drum voice to be played back in one of ten ways:

Style 1 - Clean

• Dry – TR-606 recorded completely ‘raw’, straight from the machine at 96KHz
• Pre-amp – TR-606 recorded ‘hot’ through an API 512c pre-amp at 96KHz

Style 2 - 12-Bit

• SP-12 – TR-606 recorded through a hardware EMU SP-12 Turbo sampler, each sound re-pitched internally with the SP-12 16 times, resulting in tuneable 606 sounds
• S950 – TR-606 recorded through a hardware Akai S950 sampler, each sound re-pitched internally with the S950 16 times

Style 3 - Tape

• Subtle – TR-606 recorded to a Studer A827 analogue tape machine at a subtle level
• Saturated - TR-606 recorded to a Studer A827 analogue tape machine at a saturated level
• Distorted - TR-606 overdriven to a Studer A827 analogue tape machine at a hot and distorted level

Style 4 - Driven

• HI-FI – TR-606 recorded through a collection of high-end studio processors at 96KHz, including an Empirical Labs Fatso & Distressor, A-Designs EM-PEQ, Elysia Xpressor, Spectra Sonics 610, Thermionic Culture Vulture, Valley People 610, API 512c and SSL E-Series EQ & Compressors
• Biscuit – TR-606 recorded through an Oto Machines Biscuit
• Crushed - TR-606 overdriven to a Studer A827 analogue tape machine at a very hot level and further processed through a high end chain including a vintage Universal Audio LA-2A, LA-4 & 1176, Tube Tech PE1B, Neve 1073 and a custom Ward-Beck Systems L3262 analogue console!

Revolution-606’s intuitive, modular user interface allows you to mix and match any of these processing styles for each individual drum sound. Easily mix a tape saturated kick with a 12-bit, filthy snare in real-time; add in some harmonically enhanced ‘HI-FI’ toms, crunchy lo-fi hats and cymbals… Maybe you want an ultra-clean, dry TR-606 sound? Well, that’s possible too of course…

We have designed this instrument to be as flexible as possible. We feel that this attention to detail will translate into a unique and ultimately characterful addition to any music producer's sound arsenal.

Feature List

• Revolution-606 Kontakt version requires a full version of Kontakt 5.2.1 (or higher). It will only run in ‘Demo Mode’ in the Free Kontakt 5 player for 15 minutes before timing-out.

• Custom built, feature rich Ableton Live Drum Racks (Live 9) and NI Maschine pack included for those who may not own Kontakt 5

• 5381 samples integrated as a unique virtual drum machine with intuitive graphical interface

• Recreate every nuance of the TR-606 drum machine or define your own unique sound using the worlds most advanced sampling engine, Kontakt 5

• Extensive ‘style’ types, allowing real-time selection of unique, high-end analogue processing chains, per drum sound

• Mix and match characterful analogue processing chains in real-time

• TR-style 16 track step-sequencer with accent control, host sync, swing/shuffle and extensive parameter settings

• Easy synchronization with any host or DAW

• Dedicated 7-track mixer with individual processing (EQ, compression, transient designer), volume control and pan for each drum sound

• Dual delay and reverb units loaded with custom built Impulse Responses

• Master processing including multi-track Tape machine, compression and master EQ modules

• Design and browse hundreds of presets, all instantly switchable from a single click

• Modular preset browser allows for instant recall of Drum Patterns, Mixer Channels and Tape Machine / Master Bus Settings in thousands of different configurations

• Browse 700 included patterns in various styles and easily create and share your own using a fast and intuitive external pattern/preset browser

Live Performance

• Live performance features make performing with Revolution-606 a fluid and natural experience whether you're a drummer, DJ or Producer

• Pattern write mode allows DJs and Producers to sequence and arrange patterns live in real-time with full editing capabilities all without having to look at the computer screen

• Extensive accent / velocity layers allow live drummers to add natural expression to sounds which can be triggered and mapped easily from any Controller or Electronic Drum Kit

Additional Formats

1. Ableton Live Pack (compatible with Live 9 and above)

• 420 drum samples arranged and mapped across 10 custom built, feature rich drum racks
• 7 'Drum Modules' which can be loaded separately into Drum Racks to create your own kits – mix and match drum processing styles to build your own dream 606 drum machine
• Each kit includes 8 pre-assigned macros for quick, intuitive editing of each drum sample within each kit

2. NI Maschine Pack (compatible with version 2.0 and above)

• 420 drum samples
• 10 Drum Kits in total (10 606 Drum Machine Kits, Dry, Preamp, SP12, S950, Tape A, Tape B, Tape C, Hifi, Biscuit, Crushed)
• Easily edit sampler voice settings including pitch/tune, filters, envelopes, LFO's and FX per sound via the Maschine controller

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Wave Alchemy Revolution-606 MULTiFORMAT:

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