Atom Hub Wine Glass KONTAKT

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Atom Hub Wine Glass KONTAKT
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18-06-2014, 17:48

Atom Hub Wine Glass KONTAKT

Atom Hub Wine Glass KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | June 18 2014 | 31.6 MB

16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 99 MB (106 single wav files)
- 40 nki files (plus some more FX patches)
- Two wine glasses, bigger and smaller
- Up to 7 x round robin sample sets
- Differently sounding kits, softer
and louder ones
- Pips, strokes, clashes, rub
- Fingertips, knuckles, wooden stick used
- mod. wheel is set to control release

Besides psychedelic, or unusual instruments I am big fan of naturally harmonically sounding objects too. To catch pure, soft, calming, kind of bellish, winterly sound
of glass I choose two wine glasses I have found and used at my mom´s home. I have used my fingertips, knuckles and also a wooden stick to hit, pip, stroke the
glasses softly and also strongly. This way I obtained several completely different sample sets and built wide offer of wine glass sound kits. Some kits contained more
(up to 7 x round robin) samples, some 2 or 3 dynamics layers... Some were made just from one beautiful sample. If you like this kind of sounds and are looking for
nicely sounding glasses, try my Wine Glass sample pack. I am sure that among 40 kits made from different samples, you will find more than one you will like.
I personally believe, they are all of good use. You are welcome to listen to the demo songs...

What´s in ? (Patches names) Bigger One Knuckle 5 RR, Bigger One Knuckle Dyn, Bigger One Knuckle Solo 1, Bigger One Knuckle Solo 2, Bigger One Pip 1 3 RR,
Bigger One Pip 2 3 RR, Bigger One Pip Dyn 1, Bigger One Pip Dyn 2, Bigger One Pip Solo, Bigger One Stick 2 RR, Bigger One Stick 5 RR, Bigger One Stick 7 RR,
Bigger One Stick Dyn 1, Bigger One Stick Dyn 2, Bigger One Stick Solo, Finger Rub 6 RR, Finger Rub Dyn, Fingertip Stroke Solo 1, Fingertip Stroke Solo 2, Fingertip
Stroke Solo 3, Fingertip Stroke Solo 4, Small One Knuckle 3 RR, Small One Knuckle 4 RR, Small One Knuckle Dyn, Small One Pip Dyn 1, Small One Pip Dyn 2, Small
One Pip Dyn 3, Small One Pip Solo 1, Small One Pip Solo 2, Small One Stick 5 RR, Small One Stick Dyn 1, Small One Stick Dyn 2, Small One Stick Solo 1, Small One
Stick Solo 2, Two Glasses Clash 2 RR, Two Glasses Clash 4 RR, Two Glasses Clash 6 RR, Two Glasses Clash Dyn 1, Two Glasses Clash Dyn 2, Two Glasses Clash

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