Atom Hub Cottage 2 KONTAKT

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Atom Hub Cottage 2 KONTAKT
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WavSupply JRHITMAKER Flare MiDi
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BOOM Library Cinematic Metal Construction Kit WAV
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BOOM Library Cinematic Metal Construction Kit WAV
P2P | 29 September 2012 | 3.8 GB This Construction Kit ships as a complete 2 DVD set full of basic source…

3-06-2014, 18:40

Atom Hub Cottage 2 KONTAKT

Atom Hub Cottage 2 KONTAKT

SYNTHiC4TE | June 03 2014 | 51.4 MB

16 bit / 44,1 kHz
- 180 MB (cca 680 single wav files)
- 27 nki files
- Louder sounds of metals and wooden
- Sounds of palms hitting stone floor,
or garden pot
- Quieter sounds of dry branches,
falling apples, water clunks
- 2 mics Left-to-Right recordings
- mod. wheel is set to control release

Let´s get back to cottage ! This time I came back with few ideas and also with two microphones to record sounds, which I left unnoticed when recording Cottage for
the first time. I stayed in a close surroundings of Cottage itself, did not taking trips to the neighbourhood :) I also wanted to put together a more balanced collection
- louder as well as quieter sounds maintaining the atmosphere of this place. So, again, you will find some nice metal sounds, like big metal hatch, or distributing box
hit with a chunk of wood, or more unusual sounds, like apples falling to the grass. Some of the sounds were recorded stereo - for example, I sat on the floor and hit
the stone floor around me and mics with the palms of my hands. Or I had stood in front of a pile of chopped wood, hitting it with a chunk, from left to right. Nice
addition to these sounds is old metal bath-tub and water clunks recorded in it. This library is surely better recorded and more balanced than it´s predecessor.

What´s in ? (Patches names) A Bench, Apple Fall, Distributing Box, Door Shelter, Drip Ledge, Dry Branches, Fireplace Bricks, Garden Pot, Hands And Floor, Hatch
And Lantern, Metal Hatch, Pile Of Wooden Sticks, Plastic Carry Bag, Plywood Plate, Seesaw, Window And Wooden Stick Hits, Wooden Garden Table, Wooden Stick
And Floor, Iron-plate Bathtub Clunks, MULTI-Waits Percussions, Metal Keys, INST-Stormy Basket Ball, INST-Peking Stones, INST-Iron Drops, INST-Hatch Mallet

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