unEarthed Sampling Antique Metal Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX

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unEarthed Sampling Antique Metal Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX
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18-04-2014, 21:26

unEarthed Sampling Antique Metal Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX

unEarthed Sampling Antique Metal Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX
TEAM MAGNETRiXX 18 April 2014 | 77.4 MB

Antique Metal Percussion (AMP) is a very unique kontakt sample library which is derived from banging (lightly) on a handful of metal antique items. Some of the items heard in this sample library are “one of a kind” and include an old iron bedrail, a library book cart, an old seaside lantern from the North East, a “Childs” brand copper fire extinguisher from the turn of the century (which sounds really cool), a WWII .50 Caliber Metal Ammunition Box, and even a decommissioned WWII Mk27 Hand Grenade. A few of these are pictured below for your viewing pleasure.

Sure there are plenty of other metal impacts / hits libraries out there for you to choose from, but AMP strives to set itself apart from the rest by bringing you extremely cinematic sounds from a handful of interesting metal antique items, each of which has their own personality and timbre. These patches are meant to sound great and be usable right out of the box! But should you want to tinker a bit with them (and we certainly encourage you to), the included GUI makes it very easy to tweak a handful of the most important parameters and includes toggleable convolution reverb (with custom and selectable impulse responses), a built in Arpeggiator, pitch control, control of the attack and release of each instrument, ability to control the low, med, and hi EQ range. On top of that, every hit has 4 X round robins to help fight repetition and all of the instruments are velocity sensitive.

Each instrument... well.. artifact... has its own “master patch” which consists of each hit set recorded for that specific item. They also have a handful of pitch shifted and manipulated counterpart patches as well. There are also many FX patches for your enjoyment, including a scrapes and FX patch (consisting of nearly 30 unique scrape recordings), an “ensemble hits” patch which consists of several hits between the different instruments layered together which can sound HUGE. We even took things into deep and twisted territory and mangled some of the session recordings into looping atonal pads and multiple lengths of reversals with the mod wheel mapped to the filter... these are perfect for scene transitions, building tension, and can sound absolutely horrifying!

Vitals about the instrument unEarthed

Unique set of antique artifacts turned into percussion!

42 Kontakt patches total

Instruments are sampled from the following items:

A turn of the century Copper Fire Extinguisher

WW II .50 Cal Metal Ammo Box

WW II Mk II Grenade (Decomissioned... we think..)

Seaside Lantern from back east

An old Iron Headboard

an old (haunted?) library book cart

Over 330 unique samples

4 x RR for each hit

Highly (and easily) tweakable GUI

Toggleable Convolution Reverb

Control the High, Mid, and LO EQ tweaks from the GUI

Control the attack and release of each patch from the GUI

Control the PITCH of each patch from the GUI

13 custom convolution reverb IRs, easily selectable via the GUI

Built in Arpeggiator

A "Master" patch for each instrument

Over 70 "Reversal" sounds derived from the sessions, perfect for horror or avante garde material.

13 VERY long reversal "Tension Builders" for extreme tension

12 Atonal (and looping) pads

A slew of FX patches based on the samples of each instrument

Grisly Scrapes and FX patch from the sessions

Cinematic Metal Impact goodness out of the box!

For the FULL version of Kontakt 4.2+

home page:




unEarthed Sampling Antique Metal Percussion KONTAKT-MAGNETRiXX
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