Novuzeit Voxelay VST-AMPLiFY

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15-04-2014, 12:18

Novuzeit Voxelay VST-AMPLiFY

Novuzeit Voxelay VST-AMPLiFY
Novuzeit Voxelay VST-AMPLiFY | 5.73 MB

Voxelay is a diverse FX unit designed explicitly to enhance vocals. Traditional chorus, delay, or reverb effects are a cinch with Voxelay, thanks to its feature rich design. Yet with Voxelay's esoteric functionality, completely unique and innovative delay effects are a prime possibility. Dub style echos, micro-burst combfiltering, soprano choirs, and much more are easily obtained. Voxelay will become the delay unit you find yourself coming back to again and again. Not only for your vocals, but possibly everything else.

Voxelay starts with not one, but five delay layers. (Each layer can be turned on or off individually to save CPU processing power.) Each delay layer has in turn five timing offsets to choose from, from "micro" to "dub", combined with individual modulation and feedback controls as well. Each delay layer has independent pitchshifting (with LFO), stereo panning (with LFO), analog filtering, volume, and wet/dry setting parameters. Each delay layer also has an individual vowel filter for harmonic overtone enhancement. With so many parameters to choose from, each delay layer becomes its very own effect in of itself, for creating dense, intricate
chorus effects... or perhaps simple vocal doubling if so desired. Beyond the five delay layers, Voxelay also offers global clipping, global volume and wet/dry parameters, and a fully stereo compatible global reverb.

With so many parameters and individual offsets, Voxelay is an extremely powerful and diverse VST. One can create an immense variety of unique delay effects very easily and intuitively with Voxelay . NOVUZEIT believes you would be hard-pressed to find a more feature rich and specializied delay unit, for vocals or otherwise.


Novuzeit Voxelay VST-AMPLiFY
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