Sonokinetic Fe v1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE

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Sonokinetic Fe v1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE
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Sonokinetic Fe v1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE

Sonokinetic Fe v1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE

Team SYNTHiC4TE | March 11 2014 | 1.7 GB

This new addition to our percussion line-up complements the powerful toms and drums percussion of H.I.P.P. and Felt Force One with a veritable scrapheap of metal and iron objects and instruments. From clinging and clanging to smashing and booming, this collection covers a lot of sonic ground. Without compromise and fully dedicated to capturing the specific sound of these metal and iron soundscapes, we set out to create an all-new exciting collection of performed percussion and multi sampled sessions. As usual, we coupled this with an intuitive yet stylish UI to give you full access to this vast source of Sonokinetic marked samples. This sampleset consists of a slew of inspired ‘live’ performances by an amazing percussionist, extended with deep sampled instruments like TamTam, Anvils, Cymbals and thundersheets.

Other less conventional ‘musical instruments’ like Car doors, oil drums, little metal scrap, and all kinds of iron objects found on junk yards (and carefully selected for sonic character) complement this collection we proudly call: “Fe”.

A live performance always beats a computer generated percussion track. This is why we hired one of the best percussion players available and locked him in the studio on several occasions, spanning several weeks (cause sometimes some muscle recovery was needed). Banging on a car door and oil drums with sawn-off broomsticks, attacking different pieces of heavy metal with big hammers, and of course playing more conventional percussion instruments and cymbals with regular drum sticks, felt tips (several KIA along the way) and brushes, we produced a multitude of sounds, sure to meet your every iron-loving need. A real challenge which took a lot of resources, dedication and blisters to complete, we’re proud to announce this collection as a new standard for non-standard percussion libraries.

Also unique to this library is the addition of non standard time signatures, all performances (except Heavy Iron Hammered, for practical reasons) are provided in 3/4, 4/4, 5/4, 6/8 and 7/8 time signatures, for all your soundtracking needs and an occasional inspirational boost!

Whether your next project needs the clanging thud stemming from the blacksmith’s anvil or the deafening drones of the largest available Orchestral Tam Tam, we’ve got you covered with this one. This instrument combines performance loops and multi samples all in one interface, making it an essential element in your cinematic scoring template. Filling the backlines and accompanying your drums and ‘wooden’ percussion tracks with the sparkle and clangs they need to make them stand out and impact audiences in an epic way.

Performance percussion has been around since the dawn of sampling and is one of the most accepted loop-based materials for composers. In August 2010 we got in touch with renowned composer Michael Wandmacher* who had a request for sampled performed metallic elements that you would think would be available but, upon research showed to be lacking from the samplefield in this particular form. We decided to team up for preproduction and get a content description together for this kind of sampled percussion.

“Fe” is flexible and versatile. Drop it into your ready-made DAW score and it fits right in. Selecting the best suitable performances based on time signature and speed, you’ll be adding the power of metals with intuitive ease.


Bug Fixes and Changes FE 1.1

Native Instruments Tempo Sync bugs fixed

Enhanced reverb added

Other minor cleanups

NCW formatted samples

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Sonokinetic Fe v1.1 KONTAKT UPDATE:

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