Cupwise Frequency Tweakers A For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX

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Cupwise Frequency Tweakers A For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
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4-03-2014, 17:44

Cupwise Frequency Tweakers A For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX

Cupwise Frequency Tweakers A For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
Team MAGNETRiXX | 04 March 2014 | 233 MB

Two effects. An LP filter and an EQ/freq specific harmonic exciter.

Tube Radio LP is a unique low pass filter with fully adjustable cutoff AND resonance control. Sampled with dynamics! Lower input levels gives a smooth fluffy sound, higher input levels thicken the sound. Trim control provides quick and easy control over what you get.

This thing demands a little more from your CPU than the Nebula stuff you’re used to, so the faster your system is, the better. It was sampled with FM transmission with a tube radio tuner picking up the signal. The filter came from a hardware VA synth. The transmitter/radio was driven just right, so that distortion would be triggered at the higher levels, but not so much with lower levels. You get a very sharp, tall resonant peak, and if you use a hot signal it will trigger strong harmonics! This effect was inspired by some very cool modular synth hardware made by an innovative company that uses old tube radio tubes in all of their stuff. There are 5 and 10k versions, and the 10k version is subject to this disclaimer.

2nd effect- Tube Radio EQ, is completely unique in the Nebula world. It’s a frequency specific distortion/harmonic exciter tool, that doubles as an EQ and also has sampled dynamic behavior. The same tube radio tuner (as with the LP) was used in it’s design to provide the harmonics. Basically, everything is dry except for the area you define when you position the ‘radio band’ somewhere in the spectrum. There are 3 separate modules. Low module has the radio band taking the shape of a low shelf filter. Mid module’s radio band is shaped like a peak filter. High module’s band is like a high shelf. You can use these as an EQ band and boost or cut, but the main idea is that you will get harmonics generated by the radio band, and only by it. You have a width control to help define the area that will create distortion. You have a trim control again, to quickly decide how hot to drive the effect, and determine how the harmonics/distortion will come out.

You get a lot of control with this, and can use it in many ways. One cool example- you can pick a spot in the spectrum and cut it some, but then compensate for that cut by boosting the harmonics by about the same amount as your cut. The result is that you suck out some of the fundamental sound in that particular frequency range, but replace it with harmonics generated by that range. This thing is custom made and only exists in Nebula.

Audio demo clips:

This one shows the LP filter in action, and I think fairly shows what it can and can’t do. It’s more about the thick bass when the cutoff is low, than it is about screechy resonance with higher cutoffs. It can do some high freq + resonance sounds, but it’s much smoother than you can get with some filters. The harmonics serve to thicken the whole sound, so you get more of a growl than a scream. First you hear the bass dry, without the filter.

This one attempts to demonstrate what is the main point of the ‘tube radio eq’- that is, harmonic excitation. The effect is designed to be used as an ‘enhancer’ first and foremost. This demo starts with a mix that has had some of it’s highs cut by an EQ (not this one), to give it a dull sound. Then the same clip repeats with the ‘tube radio eq’ inserted, using settings that attempted to bring definition back to the mix with minimum use of the EQ function of the program, and more use of the harmonics it generates.

This demo uses the same mix as above, except this time we hear it totally dry first, no eq has been used to dull it. Then it goes through many different settings of all 3 EQ modules for the ‘tube radio eq’. The EQ feature itself is used to give boosts, and cuts, sometimes subtle, other times more extreme. The harmonic generation ability of the effect is also used in various ways. So the idea is to show some of the variety of effects you can get with this EQ. Short bursts of noise are between each program change.

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Cupwise Frequency Tweakers A For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
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