Cupwise Tube FM 4 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX

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Cupwise Tube FM 4 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
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Cupwise Tube FM 4 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX

Cupwise Tube FM 4 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
Team MAGNETRiXX | 26 February 2014 | 979 MB

The main bulk of this set ranges from nice compression with tone shaping, to effects where nasty growling distortions are possible (and many can do both). Throw in some oddball robotic ringing effects, and you have a sonic arsenal. Tube FM 4 is a good choice if you need something a little different, from unique dynamic control to total sonic destruction. These effects can be used in many different situations (almost a year after release and some users have reported to me that they are still finding new uses), and each effect can give a wide range of results depending on how they are tweaked. Nebula 3 pro or better is needed for these to work as intended.

COMPRESSION- Use 1k versions (or 10k with the ‘dist’ control dropped) and you can get some clean compression with some tone shaping. You have over 35 ‘compressors’ to choose from, each with different tone profiles and compression behaviors.
DISTORTION- Use 10k versions to unleash the true power of these effects. You can use the harmonics for subtle enhancement, a little fuzz, or to turn your audio into a growling monster.
ROBOTIC- Yes, robots from space have infected some of the already unruly effects. Six have ‘turned’ and have become… robotized. Just don’t let them bite you! These produce strange ‘ringing’ sounds that still have a ‘vintage’ analog quality to their tone.

Because of some limitations with the Nebula engine, these effects are not 100% accurate models of real tube radios being over-driven, but that’s not the point. The limitation is that Nebula can’t handle ‘instant’ compression. It’s possible that one day it will be able to, and then these could be used that way also. To give these more control, these have adjustable attack/release controls with behaviors which are exaggerated (slowed down) from the authentic ‘instant’ timings. This way you get variable attack/release controls as you would with a compressor, but with unique results. IF you like experimenting with compression, distortions, tone, etc, and are willing to work a little for a unique result, look no further. More info is in the manual, which is free to download and check out.

Audio Demos:
For all clips- first you hear dry version, then it repeats- being processed by most effects from the set, one at a time. A quick burst of noise is between each change. These demos go on and on and on, until you get sick of them and quit listening, but at that time you will have heard SOME of the variety possible here. You can’t show it all with a demo clip. Drums can be shaped in so many ways by just ONE effect, through fine tuning of the controls. These clips are only showing you one setup for each effect used. I feel that you could play with this set for a whole day on a drum loop, and not hear all of what is possible- and I’ll stand by that!

electric guitar

acoustic guitar


This one goes a bit before switching to processed versions, but it’s worth the wait. The drums are NOT processed. There are a couple of synths layered, and they are mixed and processed together.

If you like to do things like distort\mess up drums- this set is calling your name. Listen! Only the drums are processed here.

Only the synth bass is processed.

home page:


Cupwise Tube FM 4 For Nebula-MAGNETRiXX
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