Groove3 Phase Explained TUTORiAL-MATRiX

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Groove3 Phase Explained TUTORiAL-MATRiX
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18-02-2014, 23:44

Groove3 Phase Explained TUTORiAL-MATRiX

Groove3 Phase Explained TUTORiAL-MATRiX

Team MATRiX | Feb 18 2014 | 335.9 MB


Phase is an incredibly important term that anyone who records or mixes audio has to know. Multi-Platinum mixer / producer Kenny Gioia is back with a series that explains everything you should know about Phase and includes audio demonstrations that make it very obvious why Phase is both a friend and foe.

Kenny begins with an in-depth introduction that goes over the basics and the different types of Phase found in audio recordings. Next, Kenny explains how Phase can be an issue with Stereo Recordings when tracking Piano and Drum Overhead microphones. Multi-Mic Drum Phase is then examined and Kenny shows you how to get them all 'In-Phase' correctly.

Bass DI and Amp tracking is then demonstrated so your Bass Guitar sound doesn't cancel out, giving you the best of both worlds sound. Kenny now gives you a video on using Drum Samples to replace and or enhance your existing drum sounds, while keeping their Phase intact for the biggest and best sound.

Phase as an effect is then demonstrated using popular plug-ins, showing you how to create interesting, moving type sonics. Kenny then reveals how to turn a mono signal into a faux stereo sound, increasing its wideness in the stereo field. Lastly, Kenny gives you a bunch of Phase Tips & Tricks such as removing the vocal from a stereo mix and or adjusting their level, creating a Wah effect, recording vocals without headphones, making an Auto-Panner effect from scratch and more!

If you record or mix audio, 'Phase' is so important to know as it can mean the difference between great sounding tracks and mixes, or thin and lifeless ones. Take your time and learn how to align, you'll be glad you did... Get "Phase Explained" today.

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