Soundiron Solo Dhol Drum KONTAKT

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Soundiron Solo Dhol Drum KONTAKT
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Soundiron Solo Dhol Drum KONTAKT

Soundiron Solo Dhol Drum KONTAKT

TEAM MAGNETRiXX 12 January 2014 | 860 MB

Welcome to our Solo Dhol drum library. The Solo Dhol contains over 5.100 samples and +100 different articulations, including sticks, mallets, brushes, hands/fingers, bass bends and more, all recorded in extraordinary detail in a close, dry studio setting. We deep sampled two professional Dhol Drums for this library, each with distinct characteristics and tones. These drums have animal hide bass heads (called “dagga”) and maylar treble heads (called “thili”). They dagga sides are tuned with a single heavy nylon rope, wound around the drum through steel rings. The thili heads are tuned with a series of steel lugs and rods, typical of most modern percussion.

We like to refer to the thili as “snare” and dagga as “bass”, since they sound and function in much the same way snare and bass drums are used in western music. Also, we don’t like to do anything in the usual way, because we’re a pack of weirdos. The thili sound ranges from that of roto-toms or smaller timables to nasty, abrasive, grainy and thrashing snare-like sounds, depending on the drum size, turning, mallet type, strike position and playing style. The dagga heads range from a bayan-like water drip to a taiko-like boom-crack. We beat the hell out of our Dhol, to push the sound as far as we could take it. For this deeper dry- and close-mic recorded collection, we used a wide variety of sticks, mallets, brushes and hand articulations, as well as unique tunings, to explore the widest possible range of sounds that these instrument were capable of. We recorded every single note with a full 10 round-robin variations and up to 14 velocity layers. The end-result is the deepest sampled Dhol in the history of sampling allowing you to make completely audio-realistic dhol grooves.


The Solo Dhol Drum library includes two professional Dhol drums recorded in a dry studio environment. Deeply sampled, we achieved up to 14 velocity layers and 10 round robin per articulation. We recorded both thili (snare) and dagga (bass) with sticks, mallets, brushes fingers and hands. For the hand articulations, we’ve also included a set of nearly 40 tabla-like bass bends from slow to fast with 10 round robin each.

Included is a set of preset patches with pre-loaded custom convolution reverb impulses. We’ve divided these patches into three main types, “all master” which includes all articulations, “combo hands” including all hand articulations and “combo mallets” which includes all mallet articulations. For each of these three articulation types we’ve included five separate patches each with a distinct convolution. These convolutions are “bunker”, “garage”, “hall”, “stairwell” and “valley.”

Deep Sampled Articulations

•Dhol Master (contains all patches)
•Dhol Bass Bends
•Dhol Bass Felt
•Dhol Bass Hands
•Dhol Bass Mallets
•Dhol Combo Bone Mallets
•Dhol Combo Brushes
•Dhol Combo Mallets
•Dhol Combo Traditional Sticks
•Dhol Snare Hands
•Dhol Snare Mallets

NKI Program Presets

This library is designed for the full retail version of Kontakt 3.5 or later (Kontakt 4 is also supported). We’ve included 60 Kontakt 3.5/4-compatible nki programs, featuring custom front panel controls and effects.

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Soundiron Solo Dhol Drum KONTAKT:

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